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We accept guest posts on Health and Fitness, Tech News, Gadgets, Latest Mobile Phone, Business, Services, SEO, Travel, Educations, Social media, Law, Blogging, and other various categories topics to write for us.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines – Write for us

  1. The article should be a minimum of 700 words.
  2. Please don’t submit articles already published on your blog or elsewhere.
  3. If we find the content promotional, it will be instantly rejected. You can include your product/idea in the content, but it should be valuable for the users.
  4. Article Must be 100% unique (no-plagiarism article approved)
  5. No grammatical errors in the article.
  6. Should be features images related to your article topic and All images should be original. (use some site for original images Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash).
  7. We accept a maximum of 1 link in the whole article. (Paid)
  8. All your articles posts under the admin/editor.
  9. We are selective about what posts we publish. Your writing should be well written, interesting, 100% unique, and informative article.
  10. Once your articles are published on our site you can’t re-published the articles anywhere.
  11. your article doesn’t share spam social bookmarking link websites.
  12. We don’t allow adult or gambling content.


My Gyan Guide doors are always open for the writers who have efficiency in writing guest posts. Feel free to write us on given topics


If you are interested please send on below Gmail id. We accept only paid links.

You can send me at mygyanguide@gmail.com

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