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15 Thyroid Symptoms, Causes, disease and Treatment

As you know that diseases like thyroid, we do not get to know very soon, its symptoms are such that we do not know in advance and we do not take its symptoms so seriously, its symptoms increase as we age. Along with this, diseases like thyroid are found in our body, it is very rare to be found in men, whereas this disease is found mostly in women, today we will tell you what are the symptoms of thyroid, its treatment should be known as soon as it is known. It should be started otherwise with increasing age it will harm us a lot.

The biggest reason for thyroid is that there is a decrease in the amount of hormones in our body, when the hormones in our body are too low, then we get this disease.

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Thyroid is a gland in our neck which is present in the front part. This disease is caused by the effects of hormones produced by the thyroid gland. This disease is very dangerous. If it increases too much, it can also become cancer. This disease can be cured by timely treatment. Some people do not know about this disease properly. Today we have brought for you some symptoms of thyroid so that you will know it properly and you will be alert. Read the symptoms of thyroid given below and protect yourself from this disease.

Some of the important symptoms of thyroid are

Sudden weight gain or loss

Generally, at the time of onset of thyroid, the weight of any person either starts increasing suddenly or else it starts happening. If this is happening to you without any reason, then do not ignore it, it can put you in trouble.


One of the most important symptoms of thyroid is depression or stress. In this disease, the mind of any person does not want to do anything. He neither shares his words or problems with anyone nor does he like to meet many people. If it continues like this for a long time, then the memory of the person also starts making a difference.

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Due to thyroid problem, a person feels himself very tired. Feels like just resting all the time, feels very sluggish and lethargic. Due to thyroid, the energy in the body decreases and there is no power to do any work, due to which this happens.


As soon as there is thyroid, the digestive system of the person also does not work well, due to which there is a difference in the digestion process and the person becomes suffering from constipation. In thyroid, a person does not digest food properly, due to which neither he feels hungry and there is a problem of constipation.

Joint Pain

A person suffering from Thyroid has problems of joint pain such as knee pain, body pain, back pain, neck pain etc. This is the reason that a person also gets fatigue and depression which is not right for any person.

Problem in Eating

Due to the thyroid, extra fat comes into some parts of the body such as fat coming on the throat and the throat swells due to which the person is neither able to eat nor drink anything properly. Due to inflammation, there is also pain in the parts of the body, which bothers any person.

Other symptoms of thyroid you should also know

  1. Extreme chills
  2. memory loss
  3. Difficulty concentrating anywhere
  4. Stress is that the nails become thin and dry, due to which our cracks start coming inside the nail and the nails start breaking quickly.
  5. Heart beats too fast
  6. Occasional hand tremors
  7. Changes in our skin
  8. Hair fall
  9. When you see excessive sweating

Thyroid Disease

  1. Most women get this disease in their eyes, the eyesight of women decreases a little, there is swelling in the eyes, and the eyes start to remain red
  2. Having a thyroid weakens our body’s immunity.
  3. Due to this our immunity system also becomes weak and we are prone to many diseases, if our immunity system is correct then we will not get any disease soon.
  4. To diagnose a disease like thyroid, we should first do a blood test so that we can find out whether we have thyroid or not.

Note – All of the above are symptoms of thyroid which is not right for you and your health. If you see any of these symptoms in your body, then contact the doctor immediately. Do not ignore this disease, it can be harmful to your health.


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