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10 Tips for Getting The Best from Your Mobile App Development

Apps offer the best opportunities to massively increase the reach of your product and significantly increase direct interaction with the user compared to regular websites. For startups, in particular, presence in the market plays a crucial role. These are our ten tips for app development where we show you what you need to pay special attention, to get the best out of your business application:

1. Native or Framework

Of course, you want to place yourself directly, inexpensively, in the common platforms iOS, Android & Windows Phone at the beginning. Frameworks such as Phonegap, Appcelerator, etc. offer an inexpensive alternative to the individual, native apps, but you should be particularly careful here.

In principle, these frameworks can create better apps, but only when it comes to displaying textual data and other information. Facebook relied on HTML5 apps until the end of 2012 but quickly changed this procedure because the performance was not sufficient. Apple is still barring non-native apps from the app store until now. Absolute, therefore, recommends using independent, native apps.

2. Usability

Often attempts are made to push a user interface into all mobile operating systems. This strategy is good at first, but you should restrain it only to the graphical user interface.

Menu navigation, icons, etc. should be present to the user in their natural environment. No expert app developer recommends you to port iOS menu navigation into an Android app. The success rate of this strategy will be reflected in the app ratings, as you will force the user to learn new controls and usability.

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3. Do not plan a big launch

A glamorous, coordinated inauguration with journalists and marketing campaigns is generally not advisable. Too many factors can postpone a launch date.

An example of this would be the review process of Apple before an app gets approved for the app store.

In general, Apple needs five to ten working days for the review process.

If the app is stable, and you have always obeyed the Apple HUI guidelines, Review can still have a bad day and reject the app due to trivialities.

Thus, try doing the ordinary inauguration of your application even if it’s a mindblowing app. If you’d like to get one within your budget, here is the best mobile app development company for you.

4. Focus

An app with all possible functions quickly becomes bloated, especially at the beginning.

The app quickly loses its clarity, and the actual focus of the app moves into the background.

We generally suggest before the development process and try to equip the app with the essential functions with our clients to find the right focus.

5. Rethink the user interface from scratch

If you have a website and now want to make the whole thing available as an app, it is unfortunately not sufficient to design the website small. While visiting a website, the user sits at the computer, usually has both hands available, is ready for input, and has a longer attention span. It looks different when using the smartphone. Here the user wants to consume information quickly instead of entering it laboriously. Application developers help to highlight the most crucial features of the product and to display them optimally.

6.No links to buyable digital content

Apple always desires to earn money from app owners. It means taking a thirty percent share of sales from the app owners.

You can get sales only through the in-app purchase program, which admittedly is a bit more pleasant for the user and can, therefore, have higher conversions. All he has to do is enter his iTunes password to complete the sale, not a long credit card number. But that also costs the app developer thirty percent of sales.

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7. Automatic and manual tests

The automated trial within the app is a vital part of app improvement and development. Nothing is more irritating than a faulty app in live operation. In addition to automated tests, manual testing is also necessary.

However, the testing should undergo by the team private to the developers, outsourced by suitable partners.

An ideal partner should be suitable to collaborate with your startup efficiently.

8. Do not leave older devices outside

The development of new machines is more rapid than in the past. However, the app should not only run on current devices. Android version 4.0 or higher currently covers more than 98% of all smartphones, so you should pay attention to the oldest version during development.

You should also test the performance of older, weaker devices. A one-star rating due to poor performance annoys not only the user but also the owner of the app.

9. Keyword optimization works

Appstore Search Optimization (ASO) is still very new and tough to master, especially since you don’t get referrers for individual downloads. That means you can only guess where they come from ingeniously.

Nevertheless, it is worth investing some time in keyword optimization, especially for apps from unknown brands.

10. Tracking

The analysis of app users is essential. How long does a user stay in my app? Where does he interrupt the order process? How long does it take to find a particular function of the app?

All of these questions can be answered well with suitable tracking tools. The evaluation of this data should start the optimization of the app and thus generate higher usability for the user. In addition to the classic user behavior tracking, a bug tracker is also necessary. Many of the app crashes cannot replicate on every device. Bug tracking gives you a complete crash report, which improves the stability of the app.

So these are the tips you can take a look at before getting the best from mobile app development. I hope these tips be helpful for you to build elegant designs. All the best for your future projects!


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