Get eCommerce solutions for small business to create the best shopping cart software


The eCommerce industry is the fastest-growing online retail, encountering the revenue generated in the US from online shopping to be $603.4 billion by the year 2021. Entering the world of eCommerce may seem to be a rigorous task that would incorporate heavy budgets for the small business who aspire to create the best shopping cart applications like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart. If you are not a technical expert entering this world may seem a daunting task. Taking up this line means withdrawing your steps back may end up considerable losses and debts. 

There is no reason to worry though when Sellacious, the ultimate platform with more than 5000 eCommerce features and more than nine ready to use frontend templates with drag and drop based template editor is available for free.

There are several eCommerce development platforms available in the market for use which claims to provide everything for free. But it is a known fact that some platforms like Shopify and BigCOmmerce have several hidden charges and also increase their subscription prices monthly as your sales grow.

Whereas, a platform like CS cart and Magento, Dokan has everything available for a high ranging price. This means even for a basic feature Magento charges heavily in USD and with a limited time period subscription. 

You need to be categorical before choosing the platform because take the example of Sharetribe, it is okay for the business of specific requirements but you don’t get much ahead of that from the core team or platform. For any custom development, you could only pray to the platform owner and yourselves aren’t capable of making changes.

The reason why Sellacious is the best platform to create the best shopping cart application for not only the eCommerce solutions for small business but also for the large enterprises is that you get the familiarized, easy to understand and completely transparent subscription packages with no hidden charges; provision for the business stream of any type, with easy to edit available templates you can create the storefront as per your requirement and taste; 24×7 customer support is available at absolutely no cost for both technical and business assistance; no technical knowledge required to start up with your own marketplace; b2b, b2c, niche or multi vendor online store could be initiated and could be taken to the next level with wide range of features which could be installed in conjunction with each other just by click few buttons.

Not only this, with Sellacious provided hosting you get 99.9% uptime and complete robustness to the website. Handling the traffic could be achieved at any level. PWA compliant and omnichannel applications could be created by any user and that too for free. 

Integration with Social media handles and support to almost every payment gateway and internationally recognized languages could be a lifesaver for any marketplace owner and their registered vendors as they could spread the name across the globe and cater to any sort of audience as they wish.

More tha45 payment methods are available and with the freely available API for stripe connect integration payouts could be made easier for the vendors in the multi vendor ecosystem. With the stripe connect and highly mechanized RMA systems, review, and rating systems you could gain the trust of customers and create a customer base that would give you a regular profit than the fluctuating traffic.

Sellacious is an open-source eCommerce platform that is free to download and has much integration to offer to create a marketplace. A platform should be flexible enough to leverage the store owner to create various tax and discount rules. An eCommerce should be able to automatically calculate taxes and discounts based on the country a client is based in.

Sellacious makes it easier to automate everything. Advance permissions could be given to sellers/vendors, say, inventory management, tax, and discount management, shipping and coupon generation; roles could be created and tasks could be assigned by the store owner.

With this online shopping cart builder, your return on investment would increase many folds. The time and effort spent in optimizing your online shopping store would definitely decrease. Make a smart decision, Choose Sellacious!