What is the Difference Between CD and DVD


Optical Discs

Optical disc, known by several names in the computer world, such as the optical disc and the storage disc, which is a means for reproducing audio and video, and it has a circular and flat shape made of polycarbonate, and data and information are stored in the hollow of these discs according to the format on which they are and divided into kilobytes in the disc, and this is on The format of a rounded track with a sequence of storage, and of the types of optical discs, CD and DVD, but the user must distinguish between these types before using them in order to comply with his requirements.

Difference Between CD and DVD


Compact Disc, which is the compact disc or the so-called compact disc, is one of the types of optical discs used to save and store data, and its area extends to approximately seven hundred megabytes, and digital signals are the original used to store the sound in it, and the manufacturer coats the information storage area with a layer of aluminum The data recording is based on laser beams in the form of very narrow spiral-shaped paths, and the width of one path extends to 1.6 micrometers.

CDs contain information that is not modifiable, as the user can only read without writing on it, and this information comes as part of the CD, but there is a storage capacity ranging between 184-900 MB, and there is a type of CD specially made for read-only, which are Which bears the phrase “CD-ROM”, as the user cannot take advantage of this type of data storage, including what is dedicated to recording digital audio CD-Audio.

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Digital Video Disc, known as a digital video disc or a digital multi-use disc, Digital Versatile Disc, a type of optical disc used as a means for storing data, and this type of optical disc has the ability to save high-quality movies in terms of clarity and sound, despite the great similarity Between this type of CD and CD in terms of measurements, there is a difference in terms of encryption density. DVD types are divided into types according to their use, including: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM.

The Difference Between CD and DVD

The difference between CD and DVD is that the capacity of the CD ranges between 650-700 MB, while the DVD reaches 4.7 GB, which is equivalent to seven times the CD. In terms of recording capacity, the user can record on the CD through the so-called CD-RW units. Reading and writing, and DVD is the product of merging two CDs together in a technical way, and the two types of optical discs, CD and DVD, differ in terms of price, where the latter is considered the most expensive with a percentage that rises almost ten times.

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