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WordPress Top 10 Plugins most used Plugins in WordPress

wordpress top 10 plugins

WordPress top 10 plugins: In this post we will learn about the top 10 free WordPress plugins used in most of WordPress.

Plugins are a part of software that are connected to a WordPress website. The plugin has extra features, with the help of which we can customize our website according to our needs.

The plugin is designed to be a php programming language that displays its features alongside WordPress. With the help of the plugin, the user can easily design their WordPress website without knowing any programming language and can also customize it according to their needs.

If you talk about free plugins, then there are thousands of WordPress free plugins available on the official WordPress directory. Apart from this, there are many paid plugins by third party. All the best plugins are available free of cost by WordPress official, which are given on the wpbeginner official website, you can also check on Direct (

Below is the information about the Most Popular WordPress Plugins, best free plugins of WordPress, which are very important plugins for designing a beautiful and responsive website, which everyone must use in their website, let’s turn – Let’s see about the WordPress top 10 plugins, WordPress Free Plugin.

Listed here Free WordPress Top 10 Plugins

  1. Contact Form 7

2 . Yost S. EO (yoast seo)

3. Google Analytics (Google Anayalitics)

4. Akismet Anty Spam

5. Jetpack

6. Elementer Page Builder

7. Tiny MCCE Advanced

8. wp super cache

9. Really Simple SSL

10. All One SEO Pack

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most used contact forms, with 5 million installations so far. In Contact Form 7, you can set and customize fields according to your needs, like name, email, address, query, etc. You can also use validation on any field according to your needs, Ajax in Contact Form 7. Also recaptcha has been used for security.

2. Yost SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most liked and used WordPress plugins, now a Yoast SEO plugin has been installed on 5 million websites. The reason Yoast SEO is so popular is that it can be easily implemented with any WordPress website or blog, it is a very powerful plugin for SEO that people use to get traffic to their website or to rank their website in Google Tend to Yoast SEO is one of the helpful plugins to make your website SEO friendly.

With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily add title tags and meta descriptions to your WordPress website, as well as set keywords, view site maps, track how many times you’ve used it, and more There are some features you can see in this plugin.

3. Google Anayalitics

Google Anayalitics is used to track traffic to a website, it was launched by Google in November 2005, with the help of Google Analytics, website speed, page indexing, sitemap submission, mobile friendly website checker, website Activities such as performance, keyword ranking etc. can be viewed and tracked.

Google Analytics is one of the most used plugins, has been installed around 2 million so far, has been the best and powerful tools for website tracking. WordPress is one of the top 10 plugins

4. Akismet Anty Spam

Akismet Anty Spam Plugin (Plugin) is a security plugin that automatically protects a website from any malware attack and protects the website from any spam, through this plugin you have been protected from spam attacks for a period of time. There are 5 million active installations of this plugin till date that data is available, it is responsible for the spam generated from the Basikli contact form.

5. Jetpack

Jetpack (Jetpack) is one of the popular plugins used in worpress, it monitors the security details of the WordPress website. Jetpack is a security tool, along with security, offers many other features such as performance, site management, social sharing buttons, website backup, storage, restoration, website scans, malware scans, and spamming. So far, 5 million active installations of Jetpack have been done.

6. Elementer Page Builder

Elementer Page Builder is the easiest and best free WordPress page builder, in which you can design a very responsive page in a very fast time, very fast, by dragging and dropping any design. You can create pages of these people in this form, video, gallery, dividend, button, nav menu, portfolio, text editor, space divider, google map and much more. So far, 3 million active installations of Elementar Page Builder have been done. WordPress is one of the top 10 plugins

7. TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced This is a very good text editor plugin, but you get a lot of functions more than the normal text editor for free, which makes it easy to write, in which you get advanced options for table deting, adding list. So far, 2 million active installations of this plugin have been done.

8. WP Super Cache

If you are looking for a caching plugin for your WordPress website then WP SuperCache is the best plugin for you. You also get free house option in this, there is another plugin like this, 3 Total Cache is also one of the popular WordPress plugins. So far, 2 million active installations of this plugin have been done.

9. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL Plugin automatically detects the settings of your website, and makes your website secure and runs on https, it is a very popular plugin, with the help of it very easily anyone Can be run on https.

10. All One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack Plugin (plugin) is one of the best plugins for WordPress site, it is used more and more to make your website seo friendly, it has many features besides seo such as robot. txt, schema, sitemap, meta title, meta descriptions etc. With the help of this plugin, you can make your website seo friendly very easily. So far, 2 million active installations of this plugin have been done.

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