Why Holding on For Oil Change Is Dangerous for Your Car


When you purchase a new branded car, you seem to be punctual for your car maintenance jobs. Along with buying must-have tech accessories to changing the oil to filling tyre air on time, you take care of your car as the most precious thing. However, as soon as it gets old (2-3 years), you get lazy for doing all these things, especially for changing oil, and think it won’t cause any harm.

However, the neglection of an oil change can have consequences with time. There are various reasons to help understand why holding on for oil change is dangerous for your car.

  • Affect the car’s performance

If you won’t oil change in car, then it becomes thicker. Further, the oil filter does the work of removing contaminants in your engine as you drive. If the oil is unchanged for a long time, then the oil filter gets blocked, circling back all the dirty substances into the engine. The entire process will lead to a filter worn out, letting the motor engine work harder while driving. Hence, ultimately it affects your car’s performance and makes your ride rough.

  • Money gets out of pocket

The oil filter collects dust and dirt from your engine, but if you neglect oil change in car, you’ll end up with slime. Apart from this, the thick oil (which you have not changed) gets mixed with contaminants that may affect crucial components. Once it begins to damage any vital parts, you need to replace them for a safe drive. In case you work according to the owner’s manual for an oil change; then, you will save more money.

  • Drive off its resale value too

Since the time you buy your car, the only goal that drives your mind is to maintain its value as great as possible. As mentioned in the first point, oil can widely affect the components of the engine. Also, dirty oil put so much strain on it that your car heats up while driving. All of these will lessen your car’s resale value sooner or later based on your neglection period.

  • Poor gas mileage

Many car owners get disappointed with the idea of spending big bucks on a tank of gas. Nonetheless, occasionally, the reason you are financing more is not due to high gas prices. The way you nurse your car is equal to the gas mileage you get. Neglecting oil changes can also burn more fuel than required, hurting the environment and gas mileage. This, in turn, will add on more gas expenses.

  • Leave you stranded on the roadside

It can be the most horrifying moment of your life. Such sudden breakdowns lead you to think, “I wish I would have taken care of my car before, changed its oil on time, and so on”. When not changed regularly, various components of your car’s engine will begin to move while driving. If it is not lubricated, it can cause damage due to too much friction. And, in the end, it will leave you stranded somewhere on the side of the road.

All the above pointers must have made you realised how crucial is to change the motor oil regularly. But if you’ve already skipped doing that, then what should you do? Did this question arouse in your mind? If yes, then go ahead and learn the further steps.

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What to do if you have already skipped the oil change?

Let us share some bad news first – it is absurd to say whether or not you have stirred up some damage to your engine. Though you may get lucky and your engine may be safe, we would advise you to show it to a reliable mechanic.

First of all, spill out to the mechanic that you’ve missed oil change this number of times. Allow them to check your car thoroughly, especially the engine. They will tell you the signs of upcoming issues and even provide you the solution for the same.

Last piece of words:

Only making your car look attractive by installing gadgets like a mobile phone holder (for much needed-information, learn the benefits of a mobile phone holder) is not enough. Proper and regular maintenance of your car is equally vital.

When talking about problems, the best way to trade in with them is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Well, in this case, check the manufacturer’s manual and change the oil at the recommended time. Otherwise, you would face the above-listed problems. Therefore, help yourself and your car by changing motor oil regularly and enjoy a smooth ride always.

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