How to conserve the battery of hybrid and electric cars during the alarm state?

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As we already mentioned in the report on the maintenance of the vehicle during the COVID-19 quarantine, the battery is one of the elements that first and most suffer from vehicle inactivity. Both in this and other articles we analyzed how to keep it, and even recover it, if it had been discharged or exhausted, so this time we are going to detail in detail how to treat the battery of different types of cars according to their engines: diesel, gasoline, hybrids and electric.


Cars with gasoline and diesel engines, and even mild hybrids, have energy management systems that allow the battery to be perfectly conserved even if the car is stopped for a whole month. On the other hand, they may suffer unforeseen discharges if there are electrical problems, or external agents not approved by the manufacturer have been installed. Be that as it may, what is not advisable to do in these vehicles is to disconnect the battery, since the electronic systems could be decoded, and basic information such as the memory of our multimedia system could be lost, and even the programming that regulates the opening and closing of the windows.

Plug-in hybrid motor

Although they can be a month without problems, the best thing to do to keep the battery in optimum condition in gasoline, diesel, and light hybrid cars is to start them every two or three weeks. Once the engine reaches a temperature of between 40 and 60 degrees, it should be kept running at idle and without acceleration for about 15 minutes to allow time for the lost energy to regenerate.


The hybrid cars have two sets of power:

  • High voltage
  • Low voltage

So how to maintain the battery is very different from the cars mentioned above.

If the battery low voltage (12 V) has been downloaded, it will be a too high voltage which is responsible for recharging. To do this, the vehicle must be activated, without actually starting it, and keep it that way for at least 15 minutes. If, on the other hand, it is the high-voltage battery that has discharged, the vehicle will automatically start the engine to recover the energy from this accumulator, and the engine will keep running until the indicator on the display indicates that it has recovered energy. Auto For Trade is the best platform to buy used hybrid cars in Japan.


This is the propulsion system, it is the most complex there is, so it must be avoided at all costs that the battery is discharged since its consequences could be fatal due to its high economic cost. To avoid this, the most advisable thing, if we are going to have the vehicle stopped for a long period, is to keep the vehicle plugged in and that it is the load management system that regulates the energy level in the batteries by itself.

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