Mint Personal Finance Apps of 2022


It’s the first day of the month. You woke up in the morning to the best text ever. Your Account has been credited by XXXXXX amount. The first thing that comes to your mind is “this month won’t be like the last one I’ll save money and won’t let it flow away.” Then you wait for a minute and say but I really want those pair of shoes. And the vicious cycle continues. Are you dying to stop it? This is where MINT comes in.

Everything You Should Know About MINT

Mint does that for you what you’ve tried to do for the past couple of months. Budgeting and keeping track of your money.

With over 10 million users, Mint is a very popular free online personal finance app that offers a good mix of money management tools and is very easy to use. Using financial reports and finding information in Mint is a cake walk.

Even after being one of the oldest apps on the market Mint can give any new application a run for its money. With extremely handy features this application will become your best buddy and a daily necessity of your life. Be it budgeting, setting personal goals, getting a personal financial report, investment options, you name it and its there on this miracle of an application.

Along with this, it provides various other facilities such as Tax tools integrated with TurboTax, free credit score, powered by Equifax (you don’t supply a credit card number to get a score – it is completely free). Email or SMS cell alerts for unusual account activity, when a bill is due, or an account has a low balance. Bank-level data security policies for account aggregation. Financial reports are easily customized and provide information in easy-to-read pie charts and bar graphs for fast analysis. Can create spending and income categories on the fly, without leaving the feature you’re using. Automatically downloads transactions from just about any financial institution in the U.S. Mint handles automatically categorizing downloaded transactions very well. Helps you find, very useful help resources. Systems alerts let you know if updates are being held up. Add the value of home, car or other assets for accurate net worth.

Available on Itunes with a 5-star rating as well as on Playstore with a 4.3 rating this knight in the shining armor of an app is going to save and budget a lot of your money. As you will be dying to get your hand on it let us help you in that too follow the links below for Apple and Android users and get to minting money.

Download Link: [PLAYSTORE]

Made for users of all age groups (as long as you’re earning) this application is definitely coming on your favourites list. It’s easy to use user interface lets people of a large range of age, use it easily. A few out of these happy users have given great reviews about this application.

John Chuba says “Best budgeting app. It automatically syncs with my bank account, I can easily rename and categorize my transactions, and I can create a budget for my specific needs. I base my budget off last month’s income using my lowest income, with surplus cash either saved/invested or rolled-over to show allow for a larger budget. This way, on the first of the month I have all the money I need for the entire month, so bill due dates are not important and I don’t care what days I get paid on. By staying on budget, I am able to continue saving/investing.” Another happy user mentions “Like the title I’m super happy with everything about this product, from the budgeting software to the showing and categorization of expenditures. It’s a little taste of everything all in one box. If you need something more specific there are others but they seem to have less of a total balance like mint doe”

There you have it folks your very own accountant at your fingertips…….literally.