How to Write an IELTS Essay?


Getting a high score on the IELTS test can help demonstrate that you are a specialist in English. It very well may be helpful for landing positions, voyaging, and educating. To get a high score, you should compose 2 in number papers. Examination of what sorts of inquiries will be posed of you and what the necessities are for your answer. At that point, work on composing a couple of solutions, so you recognize what to zero in on when you are considering. Upon the arrival of the test, deal with your time admirably, and follow a diagram to put forth a valiant effort. 

Technique 1 Studying for the Essay Questions 

How to Write an IELTS Essay

1 Read some example papers on the web. 

Regardless of whether you are doing the Academic test or the General Training test, it will be useful to perceive the reaction the test scorers are searching for. Peruse a couple of various models and take a gander at how they answer the test questions. 

  • There are a couple of models on the IELTS site at -/media/pdfs/113313_ac_sample_scripts.ashx?la=en-us 
  • There is additionally a considerable rundown of test expositions, ordered by question type at essays.html 

2 Practice responding to test inquiries from the IELTS site. 

It’s critical to comprehend where you are beginning from before you start considering it. For the two undertakings consolidated, you should compose around 400 words, by hand, in 60 minutes. Give it a shot and perceive how you do to know how you have to improve. 

  • Sample inquiries for all tests are accessible at 
  • Use a pencil and paper when you are rehearsing, much the same as the genuine test. 

3 Purchase the authority IELTS practice materials or obtain them from a library. 

There is just a single authority practice book for each test, called “Official IELTS Practice Materials.” It is accessible through the IELTS test focuses and costs £14. The official book has practice inquiries for each segment, composed of a similar association composed the genuine test. 

  • If you would prefer not to burn through cash on the book, demand it through your library. 
  • Find a test place by entering your nation on this site: a-test-area 

4. Take an arrangement course for additional assistance. 

IELTS focuses on offer arrangement courses for an additional charge. In this course, you will work with an instructor to cover the aptitudes you have to excel on the IELTS test, including tuning in, talking, perusing, and composing. The courses can last from multi-week to a while, contingent upon the test community. This can be useful on the off chance that you need additional direction. 

  • Fees shift by test focus and nation, yet can be a few hundred pounds or dollars. 

5 Purchase the IELTS progress check for input on your improvement. 

The IELTS progress check is an online practice test that you can take to get a feeling of what the real test will resemble and how you are getting along with your considering. You will step through a full exam with every one of the four segments and get criticism on each part with remarks about improving. You can buy an advancement mind the IELTS site for $45. 

  • An advancement check can be a smart thought to perceive how you are getting along in each segment. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are just stressed over the expositions, you may need to zero in on those only. 
  • Purchase an advancement check at 

Technique 2 Describing Data for Academic Task 1 

How to Write an IELTS Essay

1 Describe what sort of outline you see in 150 words in a short time. 

Diagrams can be static (giving one point as expected) or dynamic (indicating change after some time). Survey various types of graphs, similar to bar diagrams, pie outlines, and tables, to comprehend what sort of data they show. 

For instance, a bar diagram may show people’s enlistment at colleges through a span of 20 years. The inquiry may pose to you to depict what transforms you see after some time. 

  • Line and bar diagrams are the most usually utilized sorts. 
  • Some basic kinds of information incorporate age, sex, dates, and rates. 

2 Plan your answer before you begin composing. 

The most straightforward equation to recollect is utilizing 1-2 sentences to summarize the inquiry, 2-3 sentences to outline the information, and 1-2 short sections to help your diagram. Go through a moment or two, taking a gander at the information and considering how it will find a way into this arrangement before you start composing. 

  • For instance, you may see that enlistment for college men stayed consistent through the span of 20 years, yet enlistment for ladies expanded. You may plan to keep in touch with one passage on the men and one on the ladies. 
  • Aim to compose in excess of 150 words; however, under 200 words. 
  • You don’t have to compose a presentation or end. 

3 Paraphrase the inquiry is utilizing your own words. 

Assignment 1 requests that you decipher information on a diagram or graph and reach your determinations. To begin, portray what the inquiry is posing to you to do. This will likewise enable you to comprehend what the inquiry is truly posing. For instance, 

  • For instance, you may begin your article by clarifying that the bar outline indicated shows the change after some time in understudy enlistment at college, separated by sexual orientation. 
  • Make sure you utilize your own words. Using words from the inquiry itself can lose your focuses. 

4 Write a diagram expressing the most critical data. 

Utilize 2-3 sentences to depict what you believe is the most significant aspect of the information. You don’t have to give any reasons. Portray what you see occurring. You will clarify the criticalness later. 

  • If you see a significant change, similar to a bounce in enlistment for ladies, this is a valid statement to remember for the review. 
  • Look for things like pinnacles or lows in the information, huge increments or diminishes, or transforms from the fundamental pattern. 

5 State how the information bolsters the case you made in your diagram. 

Compose 1-2 short passages of 3-4 sentences. Utilize explicit information focuses on the diagram to help your review section. For instance, in the event that you saw a general upward pattern in the information, depict the amount of an expansion you see and if there are any special cases. 

  • Pick one bit of information that underpins your case for each passage. For instance, in one passage, you can expound on how in 10 years, ladies’ enlistment in college expanded by a specific number or rate. At that point, utilize a subsequent section to discuss how enlistment for men over a similar time-frame stayed about the equivalent. 
  • Keep as a top priority that you are just depicting information, not offering input. Stick with realities you find before you, and don’t conjecture about causes or impacts. 

6 Use a strained that coordinates the time-frame. 

Outlines can be utilized to speak to information from an earlier time, present, or future. Ensure the strained you are using matches the dates that appeared on the outlines. 

  • In the case of college enlistment, the bar outline utilized dates before. Accordingly, you should utilize the previous tense, as in “ladies joined up with college.” 
  • If there are no dates appeared, utilize the current state.

Technique 3 Visit Nearest IELTS Training Institute

How to Write an IELTS Essay

If You are facing issues during writing, Please visit the nearest IELTS Training Institute. If you live in Surat then We recommend you to Visit  Red & White International. Red & White International is IELTS Training Institute & PTE Training Institute