How to write a resume for a marketing coach position


This article is about how to write a resume for a marketer without work experience or for specialists with little knowledge. Each item was analyzed: examples for the About Me section, how to describe knowledge, skills and work experience in a resume. There were compiled tips that will help you adapt your resume for a vacancy in a specific direction and not rack your brains over a couple of lines.

Define the position in your marketing resume

For those who have never created a resume, to create a professional one is quite a challenge. It does not matter whether you are a writer, a coach, an executive or have a career as a marketer, a company you are having a job interview for a desired position, has to see your profile clearly to be able to understand that you are good at the industry you are applying to.  Such writing service as will gladly help with any kind of a CV including in the sphere of marketing.


You have decided to start a career in marketing, but have not yet decided on a specific position and do not know how to write the position correctly. Then you can write like this: “assistant of the marketing department”, “junior marketer”.

When considering a position in a particular company, look at the job title. If the title says “assistant in the strategic marketing department”, there should be no question of how to write the position – exactly the same as in the vacancy. The recruiter will understand what role you are applying for, and your advantage will be the adaptation of the resume for each vacancy, mass mailing of resumes is always visible.

If you know a specific direction of development, feel free to mention, for example: an intern in the SMM department, a novice copywriter, a junior traffic manager.

Write about yourself

In this section, we will analyze the “About Me” part. You don’t need to get too carried away here, just show your interest in the industry and emphasize key skills. Tell more about your successes in a cover letter. Here are a few examples to use:

  • “I am interested in internet marketing. I want to get more experience in order to decide on a specific direction and develop as a specialist.”
  • “I have little experience in promoting in social networks. I plan to develop as an SMM manager and expand my knowledge in the field.”
  • “I know how to work with audiences, identify user needs and test different approaches in advertising. I will be happy to apply my ideas in real projects and gain new experience.”
  • “I was the editor (writer) of the student newspaper. I like to study information from different points of view and create interesting materials. I want to do an internship so I can try my hand at work.”

Describe the experience

If you are looking for your first internship or job with no work experience, do not despair, you can break out of the vicious circle. Experience can be drawn from everything, the main thing is to mention only useful and key skills for a marketer’s resume.

For example, you were a volunteer at a student forum and participated in the creation of informational brochures or disseminated information about the event on social networks – this is worth writing in your resume. If you just met guests and helped with navigation on the site, and the forum itself was devoted to the economy, this information would be relevant for a vacancy in the event field, but not in a marketer’s resume.

If you already have some experience, describe it correctly at the interview – use quantitative results and specific examples.

Share your achievements

Mention participation in specialized workshops or youth media forums. Maybe you run a popular student newspaper editorial blog and are very proud of it. Or maybe they created a cool report about student life or edited a video for a media contest – this can also be recorded in achievements and in a profile.

Describe skills

Below is a list of must-have skills for marketers that go well together. Knowledge of Excel suits even a copywriter, to say nothing of an executive position, and a targetologist – the ability to independently draw pictures for advertising. It’s great if you are at least theoretically familiar with each instrument, but for starters, a solid knowledge of three will be enough.

Writing texts

You need to be able to write an announcement of an event or a text for a website – this is the responsibility of a marketer.


Almost anyone can learn to write concisely and clearly, with the proper desire. In an ad, the user will not read anything longer than the headline. Therefore, learn to write interestingly about the most important things and you will sound professional.


It will help to create an illustration for an article, draw an infographic or make a picture for targeted advertising. Of course, in a good way, this is the responsibility of the designer, but being able to at least throw in a draft will be useful to make it easier to explain what you want from a person. Down with paint and a piece of paper with a pen – you can do everything!

Amplifier or smmplanner

Services for delayed posting in social networks. Both are simple, and knowing about their existence and the ability to use at least one will be a bonus in a resume for marketers and smm-specialists. The service has a free trial period, you can register and try it on your account.

Cerebro or myTarget

Targetologists use these services to create advertisements. There are more opportunities for creating advertising here than directly through the advertising account on social networks. Lessons on working with services can be found directly on their websites.


Marketers do not build financial models, but they keep statistics and create reports on the effectiveness of advertising in their favorite Excel. Sometimes you have to hand calculate and compare audience growth, track the number of clicks on a link and the cost of clicks, so you need to know the basics.

Tell about the courses you took

Don’t waste space on your resume with information that doesn’t apply to the position. It is not worth mentioning guitar lessons taken from a music coach when it is better to mention completed online courses on SMM or retargeting. The recruiter will clearly rate it above ten courses on the Renaissance. If you didn’t take a suitable course, go back to the section with examples of skills and choose the right course – useful knowledge and a bonus to your resume are provided.