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How to Remove viruses from the phone


A computer virus is a malicious program that infects computer devices and changes the nature of their work without the user’s permission or knowledge, and multiplies by copying itself to another program, or to the so-called, or even to files data. The goal of implanting the virus in the victim’s devices is often either to cause damage to the device , steal information from it, modify the data stored on it, send an e-mail , or show specific messages to the user, or all or part of the aforementioned.

Cell phone viruses are also computer viruses, but they are specifically designed to work in the phone environment and move from one phone to another. The Cabir virus is the first virus designed to work in mobile phones, and it targeted phones running the Symbian operating system and supports the Bluetooth connection feature, so it takes advantage of this feature to spread itself among other phones.

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How phones are exposed to viruses

There are many ways and many sources through which viruses can enter mobile phones, and the wrong use may help in that, and these things include the following:

  • Install applications downloaded from unreliable sources: The use of informal applications stores instead of the flagship store of the phone such as Google Play Store will increase the likelihood of downloading viruses.
  • Install malicious applications from the official store of the operating system: such as the App Storeor the Play Store, even with Apple and Google making great efforts to remove malicious applications from their stores; However, it is still there and can be downloaded.
  • Break protection in the phone operating system : as an act of the so – called Generation Break for phones running operating system IP or feed or your root devices Android ( in English: Android; as if these processes even And if it increases the user’s freedom, it will also increase the possibility of penetration of the phone through malicious applications, and it will expose the phone to greater damage if viruses enter it compared to the case of not breaking the protection, especially the possibility of stealing private information, the processes of jail breaking and rooting They allow any change in the phone’s operating system, and this in itself poses a danger to it.
  • scams: scams that cause unwanted software to be installed; This is done by clicking on the fake links on some sites or the ads displayed from within the applications.
  • Phone security: ignorance of the principles of security and protection for smart phones.

Symptoms of cell phone infection with viruses

There are many symptoms through which it is possible to know whether a mobile phone contains viruses or not, including the following:

  • Apps stop working suddenly and frequently, even if they are updated to the latest version.
  • Ads appear suddenly and constantly in the form of a so-called pop-up, and it is highly recommended not to click on the links displayed by these ads if they appear.
  • The presence of unwanted applications on the device that were installed without the user’s permission.
  • Draining the electrical charge of the mobile phone battery, it is known that viruses exhaust the device’s resources.
  • The consumption of the phone account balance through the frequent use of the Internet by viruses , and the consumption of the balance can also be done by sending these viruses subscription messages to certain services without the user’s permission.

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Remove viruses from mobile phone

Android phones

To remove the virus or malicious application from a mobile phone running Android system ; The following steps are followed:

  • Reboot the phone in safe mode; This is to stop the work of all programs except for system programs, and this is done in most devices by pressing the device’s power button while it is in the operating state, and then pressing and holding the same button until the option to restart the phone in safe mode appears, and thus the device will restart, and it will be The phrase “Safe mode” is located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Go to device settings.
  • Enter the application settings (English: Apps) and choose the Downloaded applications tab.
  • Find the malicious app, which might be the last app you downloaded before the device started having problems.
  • Click on the name of the application when it is found, and then press the Delete button.
  • After deleting the malicious app, the device will restart to exit safe mode.

Remove viruses from Android phones by uninstalling the management features

In the event that the delete button is not available, the administration features must be removed from it before it can be deleted, and this is done as follows:

  • Go to settings, then security settings.
  • Click on the “Device Administrators” option.
  • Deselect the malicious application and then press the Deactivate button.
  • Remove the application and restart the device.

iPhone phones

The exposure of iPhones or iPad to viruses is rare due to the nature of these devices, except for the case of jail breaking, and the problems that may arise in the occurrence of redirection of web pages, and this problem can be solved as follows:

  • Go to settings.
  • Enter the settings of the Safari browser.
  • Click on the Clear History and Website Data button.
  • Press the Clear History and Data button to confirm the process.

Remove viruses from iPhone by other methods

In the event that there are still problems with the device, or the problem is not in the browser as previously mentioned, you can try one of the following solutions:

  • Reboot the device.
  • Restore the last backup copy to the iPhone.
  • Erase everything on the iPhone through the settings as follows:
  • Enter settings.
  • Log in to General .
  • Pressing the Reset button.
  • Press the Erase All Contents and Settings button.


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