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How to Root Android on PC


Root is a system that removes the protection restrictions imposed by Google on the systems of its smart devices, by adding some features to smartphones, and decrypting some protected or paid applications and games, so that the user can download them and enjoy their advantages without any conditions imposed on him.

We can root any Android device thanks to the programs that developers offer every period, and there are two ways to root, a method that requires the use of a computer, and a method in which we can install the root through the device itself, and in both cases, the presence of a root on the phone means that the protection system imposed by Google It has been hacked, and thus the user becomes fully responsible for any malfunction that may occur to the phone as a result of rooting it.

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How to Root Android on PC

  • We make sure that kingo software supports our mobile version, then back up the device.
  • We activate the USB Debugging feature on our device by going to the Settings box, then choosing the About Phone option, then pressing the word Build number seven times, until the Developers option appears, and through this option we activate the USB Debugging feature.
  • Download the Kingo program through the following website: Kingo root, then wait until it is installed and installed on the device, in which case we will not need to install drivers on the phone; Because Kingo will download it automatically, when we connect the phone to the computer.
  • We open the kingo program on the phone, then connect the phone to the computer using a USB connection, and wait for a while until the program starts downloading drives, automatically, then disconnect the USB from the phone, and reconnect it again, and the Kingo program will appear on the desktop, when the connection between the phone is successful And the computer.
  • Now we click on the Root command, and the program will start broadcasting some commands to our Android phone, which we must agree to by pressing the Done command, in order to confirm the process of rooting the device.
  • We wait for the program to finish rooting the phone, and this may take five minutes or more, then press the Finish command.
  • We disconnect the phone from the USB connection, then turn it off and restart it, to find that the phone is already rooted, and thus we have completed the steps to root our Android device using the Kingo Root program.
  • To unroot the phone, we enter the KingoRoot program after connecting it to the computer, and click on the Un Root command.


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