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How to protect your computer from hacking

Avoid opening strange links

The user should be careful not to open emails from people he does not know, and not to click on links in untrusted messages, and malicious links can come from a friend because they have been hacked. harmful to the device or be a link to penetrate , so by placing the mouse over the link, where you must be the destination or origin of the link appears at the bottom of the browser window.

Make updates

Incitement to regularly update the system, browser, and important applications, taking advantage of automatic update when it is available on the device, as these updates help to remove software vulnerabilities, which allow hackers to view and steal information, and there is a Windows Update, which is A service provided by Microsoft that downloads and installs software updates for Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express, and will also provide the user with security updates.

Virus protection

Care should be taken to prevent viruses from being installed on the device , by installing an antivirus program on your computer, taking care to enable automatic protection, so that the program constantly searches for viruses as soon as the computer is turned on, and perform a full scan on the computer using an antivirus program Special Virus, and if a virus is detected, the antivirus will clean, delete or quarantine the file.

Choose strong passwords

Devices and accounts must be protected from hackers by setting hard-to-guess passwords, which are usually at least eight characters, and a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, while being careful not to use personal information in passwords, such as: date of birth, because they are from Words that are easy for hackers to find.



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