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Know How to Register for the Vaccination through Paytm App

How to Register for the Vaccination through Paytm App? Coronavirus 2nd wave has gone down and the vaccine burden has gone up all over the country. Massive numbers of people are getting vaccinated. The slot must be booked in advance to get the vaccine. Visitors to the vaccine center only after the registration. Therefore, the government is trying to get Covin Aap to register for the vaccine. However, due to a technical error, Covin is unable to register with App. In this backdrop, money transfer giant App Paytm has given its users a new opportunity. Paytm users can register for the vaccination through App.

Paytm users can access the nearest vaccine center via App. Both CovShield and Covaccine can be registered to receive the vaccine. You can also schedule a vaccine. The company has also joined hands with people in the war against Kovid, the company said in its official announcement.

Register for the vaccination by Vaccine Finder option has been introduced in Paytm App. Let us know for sure which vaccine is available. Users can search their nearest centers by zip code or by the district. By age, the vaccine can be selected by the filter.

Step 1: Install Paytm App on Android or ios devices [Android | iOS]

Step 2: Open App and scroll down, find Vaccine Finder

Register for the Vaccination

Step 3: Click on Vaccine Finder icon

Step 4: Enter your pin code, select age group and check availability

Register for the Vaccination

Step 5: You can see the availability status on your screen

In the last 24 hours, 60,471 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the country. This is the lowest case in 75 days. For the eighth consecutive day, less than one lakh cases have been registered. While it is conducive for Covid to reduce the number of daily cases of over four lakhs in the wake of the second wave, experts have warned that strict discipline is still needed to bring it under full control. The country’s daily corona case reached 4.14 lakh on May 7. Cases reported Tuesday were the lowest since March 31. Positivity in the country stands at 3.45 per cent.

While the number of coronavirus cases is low in the state, no one is completely safe from the risk of infection. Thus, everyone should not forget the Kovid rules such as wearing a mask, maintaining a social gap. Everyone should get their hands on the vaccine as soon as possible. Covid rules must be strictly vowed to protect themselves from policy infections. We must stay safe and act responsibly so as not to infect others with us.

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