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How to Register for the Covid-19 Vaccine with the Cowin

How to Register for the Covid-19 Vaccine: As everyone knows that COVID-19 cases in India are skyrocketing. In such a scenario, the government has increased the age group of the vaccination campaign. Now from May 1, 2021, each particular person whose age is above 18 years can take the vaccine. For this, all these individuals should register for the vaccine in advance. Let us know that Covaxin and Covishield have been made available as vaccine for the people.

In such a situation, here we are telling you how to register for the corona vaccine. Also, we will tell you how to book your appointment and how to download the vaccine certificate.


Here how to register for Covid-19 vaccination

  1. For registration you have to go to After that you have to enter your mobile number here. OTP will sent on your registered mobile number. Enter otp and click on the Verify button.
  2. After registering on this website, you will be taken to the Registration of Vaccination. Here you have to fill your Photo ID Type, Photo ID Proof Number, Name, Date of Birth, Gender and other details. After this, click on the Register button. All necessary details will be sent to you via SMS. Check all the details thoroughly. Here you will be given Beneficiary Reference ID and save it.
  3. You can link this account to 3 people with you. For this, you have to click on the Add More button on the bottom right of the Account Details page. The way you filled your necessary details, you will have to enter their details as well.
  4. To find your nearest center, you have to go to and scroll down. Here you will see a map and dialog box which says ‘Enter place / address / eLoc’. Here, you enter your location details and tap on the Go button.
  5. To schedule an appointment, you need to go to the account details page. After this, you will have to go to the calendar icon which will be given in front of every user. Then you can also click on the Schedule Schedule button. By doing this, you will be taken to a book appointment on the vaccination page. According to this page you can choose the vaccination center according to yourself.
  6. When you select the center, you will see slots. Out of these, you have to choose the slot according to you. then click on the Book button. After this the Appointment Confirmation page will open. Check all the details carefully and click on Confirm button. After this, you should take the vaccine at the scheduled time.
  7. To download the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate, you will have to go to Apart from this you can also go to Aarogya Setu App and Umang App. By going through the Aarogya Setu app, you will have to go to the Cowin tab. After this, you have to go to the Vaccination Certificate option. After this, Beneficiary Reference ID will have to be entered and click on Get Certificate button. In this certificate, name, date of birth, Beneficiary Reference ID, photo identity card, vaccine name, hospital name, date and other details will be present.
  8. To download the certificate from the CoWin website, you need to go to After this, Beneficiary Reference ID will be entered. Then tap on the search button and download the certificate.

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