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How Many Types of Social Media Sites List

Types of Social Media Sites List or What is a Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites or networks of relationships refer to sites that enable their users to communicate with each other via the Internet , and to meet new people and make new friendships. Social networks are one of the most popular and used types of social networking sites. , free social networking site Examples include; Facebook, which is used by more than 2.5 billion users during one month, in addition to Twitter, which has a number of 166 million users per day, and social networks are characterized by their various content, between texts and visuals that appear through the user’s profile.

Multimedia Publishing Sites

Multimedia publishing sites are defined as social media sites devoted to creating visual media; Such as photos, videos, and sharing them with other users on social media sites, even though social networks are; Like Facebook, and Twitter, photos and videos can be published through it, but they are not considered to be sites devoted only to multimedia publishing, and examples of this type of social networking site are; Pinterest and Instagram are dedicated to publishing photos, while YouTube is an example of sites that create and publish videos.


Blogs are defined as sites where individuals and companies can post specific content, whether activities, ideas, or even beliefs. This type of communication site is based on providing constant content for publishing, which leads to a focus on that content. And explaining it to the public and enabling them to interact with it, and anyone can create a private blog for free through many websites; Like (WordPress) and Blogger.

User Evaluation Sites

Indicate user rating sites to sites that are used as platforms to evaluate products and services, which enables the user to provide his opinion on a particular commodity or service all the goodwill, so that others can take the idea of those services or goods before Hraaha, The benefit of these sites is not limited to consumers only, but the owners of companies can benefit from them by obtaining feedback about their products from consumers. Examples of such sites are; site that publishes comments made by consumers about a specific product or service, whether that comment is positive or negative.

Social Shopping Sites

Social shopping networks are defined as the sites through which products can be sold and bought over the Internet, as well as enable companies to draw consumers’ attention to a specific product, or to educate them about its brand, and through these e-commerce sites it is possible to better know Advice and practices to be followed in marketing operations.

Discussion Forums

The Forum discussion One of the oldest types of social media, the sites concerned with access to news, views and information and discuss with other users, allowing users to express their opinions without disclosing their identity, and examples of them; Quora and reddit.

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