Know, how did William Shakespeare, who got the first corona vaccine in the world, died?


Digital Desk, Delhi. The corona epidemic has caused havoc all over the world since the year 2020. Everyone is just waiting for it to end. So that he can return to his normal life again. Meanwhile, scientists and all health experts told that vaccination is the only way to break the chain of corona infection. Hearing this, countries around the world started making the vaccine and after the vaccine was made, it was time to test it on a human. So the first vaccine trial in the world was done on William Shakespeare. William made history by getting the corona vaccine. But recently he also died. This was confirmed by the British media. Let us tell you that on 8 December 2020, William was given the first dose of a corona vaccine named Pfizer at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

When William died, he was 81 years old. William’s entire family told that Shakespeare did not die of corona but of another disease. It has nothing to do with corona virus. At the same time, according to a friend of William, those who want to pay tribute to him. The best way for that is to get the corona vaccine. According to the report of CoventryLive, William Shakespeare did not die from the corona virus but while fighting a prolonged illness inside the hospital that administered the vaccine. However, it has nothing to do with the corona virus.

Let us tell you that William Shakespeare did a very famous company in Rolls Royce and has also been the Chancellor of Parish City. Shakespeare had served his local community in Ellesley for more than three decades, and the spirit of serving the world was visible to all. The way he has created history by getting the first dose of corona at such a young age, it can be clearly estimated that how fearless and service person he was. It has been mentioned in some international media reports that William was very happy after getting the corona vaccine and he described the experience as wonderful. William leaves behind his entire family including wife, two boys and grandchildren.



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