Boost Your Immune System to max with BJJ


Regardless of the fact, whether you practice martial arts or not, knowing the benefits it offers will make you practice it. Martial is the combat sport that benefits not only your body but your mind as well. A commonly known benefit of BJJ is physical fitness & improved discipline but other rewards come side by side.

Lives nowadays are stressful more than ever. With tightly packed work schedules it is difficult more than ever to take care of yourself. And most of us are failing in doing that. Compromising on our self-nourishment and health weakens our body’s natural ability to fight a disease that’s the reason we are vulnerable to health risks.

Immune System

You see this happening to you? Might be thinking of taking supplements or drinking more organic juice for boosting your immune system. But alone that will not be as beneficial as strengthening your body with BJJ. Jiu-Jitsu is a tough but rewarding form of martial art. It lacks striking, and most of the techniques are executed simply on the ground. Along with other amazing physical and mental benefits, BJJ contributes a lot to improving your immune system.

Jiu-Jitsu and Immune system

Regular training like BJJ can potentially boost the immune systems and your body’s natural defense activity & metabolic health. That equips you to fight diseases while improving your respiratory and cardiovascular health. Regular physical activity is one of the most efficient ways of making your body healthy.

People have a very little number of immune cells circulating in the body. Immunity cells hang in the lymphoid tissues & organs such as the spleen, where the human body fights & kills viruses, toxins, bacteria, & other microorganisms. Martial Arts increases your blood & lymph flow through the muscle’s contraction and relaxation. Which immune cells roam in the body. If you are already suffering from a health issue make sure you consult your doctor before enrolling in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. BJJ improves your immune system in the following ways.

1)  Reduces stress-related hormones

Daily stress from your work or general life is something you can’t avoid. Instead of indulging yourself in unhealthy activities consider hitting the BJJ class for uncountable benefit. Jiu-Jitsu when practiced with the right BJJ gears makes your stress vanish in a matter of minutes. So put on your BJJ-gi and embrace yourself for the endorphin rush. The human body produces cortisol, it is a hormone released by your adrenal gland under stressful conditions.

Immune System

When our body has higher cortisol content, we are more exposed to infection & illness. Training BJJ helps in reducing cortisol levels in your body. Every time you break stress in your training class your body undergoes low-level stress because of elevated heart rate that triggers hormonal changes. With time it enhances your body’s natural endurance to stress.

2)  Help your organs in running efficiently 

Do you get tired by doing everyday chores easily? Practicing BJJ is the solution. BJJ will increase your blood flow, and act as the telephone line, for transporting the cells & substances in the immune system to your vital organs such as the heart, lungs, brain, & muscles. It makes all of your organs run together efficiently and delivers more energy for doing everyday tasks. Taking nutrients & vitamins, such as vitamins A, E, B6, & C boosts the immune system and takes it to another level while giving a lot of energy. Make sure you regulate your nutrition intake while practicing BJJ. Do not compromise on the quality of your diet.

3)  Boosts Detoxification

We are not likely to admit the fact most of us do not treat our bodies and enough care of ourselves. Our bodies deserve far better than hectic routines we have indulged ourselves in. We end up eating junk food and unhealthy amounts of alcohol without focusing on the number of toxins it introduces to our bodies. To avoid the adverse effects of these toxins we must detoxify our bodies. Moving and doing a physical activity is crucially important for detoxifying our bodies. BJJ makes you stretch, circulate your blood, and regulates oxygen levels in your body while breaking you in sweat. Make sure you properly hydrate yourself with your training as water flushes out these toxins, waste & fats.

Doing physical activity encourages blood & lymph circulation lymph, which purifies & cleanses your body’s organs. It strengthens the muscles of your heart, boosts your lung’s capacity, and carbon dioxide from your body as the waste product. It also improves your skin.

4)  Sleep Quality

Do you get proper sleep every night? According to a study you are more likely to fall sick if you take sleep for less than 6 hours every day. If you are facing trouble falling asleep at night the solution to your problem is practicing BJJ. Training at the regular time encourages the body to re-aligning the internal clock. It will give you the quality sleep you need every night. It will help your body heal and repair itself effectively.

5)  Makes Your Body Resilient

Stress and emotional breakdown make your body prone to sickness as it weakens your body’s ability to fight off the disease. Strengthening your mind not only leaves you in a better position to fight off the difficult situations in your life but regulates the hormonal balance in your body. Your body naturally produces a hormone “endorphin” that is called feel-good hormone.

It is secreted in large amounts when you do physical activity. Your body drops down its content when you aren’t in the best of your mental state. Symptoms of depression and anxiety disturb your sleep cycle which makes your body’s natural recovery difficult. Practicing BJJ not only uplifts your emotions but strengthens the immune system By regulating your natural mechanism. BJJ gives you better control over your life.

The sense of being able to defend yourself against an opponent who is twice your size makes you feel good and confident about yourself. It is an excellent way of preparing yourself for fighting the difficulties of your life.