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10 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users

Tech News Apps

Technology is developing at a fast pace, and it has officially changed the manner in which we see news. These days, we depend on our cell phones to read the news. Since, we, as a whole, hold an Android phone and love to remain refreshed with the most recent technology, introducing tech news applications is by all accounts the best choice. With multiple happenings occurring in the tech world, we need committed tech news apps for android to remain refreshed. 

Truth to be told is that our cell phones furnish us with various approaches to read the news. For instance, we can read news content by visiting several sites, we can watch news recordings on YouTube, we can stream live news channels, or we can preface applications to read the news. Out of all of these available options, Android news applications are, by all accounts the most straightforward approach to watch national or international news. 

10 Best Tech News Apps for Android Users

Tech News Apps

Medium: All things considered, the medium is an extraordinary stage which enables everybody to share the news on what’s going on around the globe. Medium isn’t regarded as a tech blog or tech news application since it covers different other segments too. In any case, if at all you are searching for tech news application, at that point Medium may be the most desirable one for you since you can examine loads of contraptions, science, or tech-related news on medium. 

Appy Geek: The news application, Appy Geek, is made by similar tech lovers like the ones behind the Tech Republic – another best of tech news apps android. As a mobile-based app, the interface of the application is entirely astounding, and it assembles tech news from various well-known sources. In this way, it by and large assembles well-known tech content from all around the globe and places all of that at one spot. Thus, Appy Geek is another best tech news application that you wouldn’t want to ignore in any way seeing the ease it provides. 

Feedly: Feedly, out of all top tech news apps for android, is an RSS reader application which enables clients to buy into the most loved tech online journals. Along these lines, when you open the application next time, you will see the content from the destinations that you have subscribed in to. Feedly makes things significantly simpler on the grounds that you don’t have to open the program and visit the site to see news as it consequently records all news that has been as of late distributed by different tech web journals. Aside from that, Feedly likewise got a night mode, light mode, and a reader mode which improves the reading experience and background. 

Drippler: The mobile application Dripplier isn’t actually a tech news application; however, it covers some most recent and mainstream news around the tech business. The application is centred on conveying you tips and tricks that are identified with the cell phone you are using. Yes, you actually read that right – the tricks! The application initially identifies your cell phone and shows you tips that sync well with your cell phone. In this way, it’s another best fascinating tech application that you couldn’t imagine to give a miss. 

Tech News Tube: Indeed, Tech News Tube out of all top tech news apps for android is something like an RSS Reader application since it gives clients a chance to subscribe to various tech sites. In the wake of subscribing to your favorite tech site, it consequently records all article distributed by those locales. The best thing about Tech News Tube is its interface which looks clean, and it’s extremely easy to utilize. Tech News Tube likewise offers a night mode which works as a reading mode. 

Hacker News: Hacker News is one of the most well-known tech sites which you can visit today. The site covers nearly everything that is occurring around the tech world. In any case, Hacker News’ essential focus is to give news stories identified with programmers or hacking. Thus, if you want to read cybersecurity-related news, Hacker News application may be the best pick for you. It is definitely another best out of all tech news applications in 2023 which you can use today. 

Flipboard: Indeed Flipboard is one of the well-known sources to see the most recent news. Not simply technology, Flipboard covers pretty much all classifications of news. Discussing the technology news, the application is loaded up with plenty of data and fascinating tech articles which are worth to read. Along these lines, Flipboard is another best tech news application that you can introduce at the present time. 

TechCrunch: TechCrunch out of all tech news apps is an unrivaled wellspring of tales about new businesses, funding, technology, applications, and considerably more. With TechCrunch Android application, you can explore all of TechCrunch’s features. Interestingly, this versatile application gives clients customizations alternatives to see subjects of your own decision. This makes TechCrunch another best tech news application that you can have. 

Google News: Google News is one of the best news applications that you can consider. It basically composes what’s going on the planet to enable you to get familiar with the stories that truly matter to you. A more intriguing feature of this app is that Google News adjusts itself with your reading speed and subjects to indicate suggestive articles. This makes Google News another tech news application that you can use on your Android cell phone 2023. 

Beebom: We likewise have an Android application that can be seen on the Google Play Store from where you can read software updates related news, Beebom, Tech News and Hacks. This application is lightweight, and it requires less than 2MB to install on your cell phone. If you want a news app not to eat up much place, then this is the best one for you. 

These were the ten best tech news apps 2023, which you can use on your Android cell phone. They are the best and top of the line Android tech news applications that you can grab your hands on today. The greater parts of these applications gather news from various national and global news sources.


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