5 Best Sites to Read Manga Online for Free


Are you the one who loves to read manga online free?  For you, here is the way to read the free manga online. Manga is the comics or cartoons which are created in Japan or created in the Japanese language. With the growing popularity of Manga’s, there are many websites who have emerged providing readers with the portal to read the free manga online. The free Manga online websites provide you with the entire new manga comics and animations edition online. This is the most efficient way to read the manga for free and give options for downloading. The internet is the vast range which contains large data which consist of all types of content. From movies, songs to books and videos, everything is available in it. The content can also be easily accessed and is available to be downloaded.

The current string of successful Marvel and DC movies are coupled with an increase in the availability of digital comics which has helped fuel the revival of the comic book industry. Unfortunately, going decreased to the local comics shop to pick up your favorite can be quite expensive. Thankfully, you can save you some amount of money by using the major sites to read free manga online.  No matter what kind of comics you are into, you must find them on one of these sites. Most of them are free although some of them are paid services; mainly the free websites are popular among citizens. If you are a Manga comic’s lover and looking for the best and free Manga online websites that will let you explore all the famous series of all episodes, then you are at right place.

But, before we start discussing the best 5 Manga sites to read on the internet for free, let’s first discuss what manga is?

Manga is a Japanese word which literally helps to translate the pictures or cartoons. There are various manga graphic novels which are published in Japan in different types of genres like Action, Romance, Thriller, Crime, Sports, Drama, Science, and many more. They have their own type of art form which includes the type of animation, characters, drawing style, etc. The manga industry largely exists due to its popularity in Japan and outside Japan. The unique type to express and the strong storyline keeps the audience and reader engaged and enjoys their time.

The manga is published in series and each of the series comprises of various parts. Some of these graphics novels are translated into anime series and is available to watch online on many platforms. Anime series like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and many more are taken only from Manga. The plot of the novels and the unique type of styling is the major factor that makes it stand apart from other similar animations. These manga sites generally offer a systematic and organized way to read it online.

In this guide, we have listed the 5 best manga sites to read online for free. 

Manga Sites


The first website that we have listed is mangakakalot.com. With a giant repository of manga comics, this website has an extremely user-friendly website that is highly equipped with a search bar and tabs which divide comics into the latest, hot and completed sections. What is the most interesting in their news section that constantly updates news and events related to manga and Anime, like comics cons, cosplay festivals, etc? You can navigate this site, search for the comics that you need, click on it, which tasks you to the summary page for the comic.


This is one of the online manga sites loaded with manga comics and is quite a popular website. While the interface seems a little cluttered, but all you need is the search bar. The homepage is equipped with thumbnails of the latest release and most popular comics. In this website, you can click on the specific thumbnail or search for a comic and you are directly led to the comic’s homepage. Now, enjoy to read manga online and select the chapter that you want and enjoys the comic.


The next free online manga site for reading which enthusiastic ios zingbox.me is. This is one of the cleanest websites for comic books, which also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Along with a huge library of original manga comics, they also allow building and established artists to publish their manga comics on the website. This is one of the greatest online manga sites for increasing recognition and entering into the world of manga. You can pick a comic from the suggested ones on the homepage or can pick one of the four choices, from the search tab.


This is another most popular online manga site which is categorized in their large range of available manga comics by hot, latest and completed category. This website is easy to use and the homepage is fully loaded with suggestions, that helps first-timers or readers who are looking to begin a new saga.

A separate tab indicates the most popular comics in terms of the reader’s view that helps you to pick your next comics. You can pick a manga comic from their suggestion and then click on it. This will help you to lead to the comic’s homepage and can select the chapter that you want to read manga online free and can enjoy thereafter.


This online manga site helps to access our next pick to reading manga comics online for free at mangareader.net. Although their website seems a little intimidating, it is actually a great spot to find and read manga comics. As per your needs, you can pick comics by popular picks or by genre that you want to read. This website is one of the few sites that do not launch multiple new tabs as you pursue through comics that keeps your browser neat and makes following the story a breeze.


All the above are the top picks for online manga sites to read manga for free. No matter what genre you like, all everything that you need can be found on these websites. Manga comics can get extremely addictive so if you are a newbie, start only if you do not have an exam or a report due in your office the next day (just kidding).