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10 Best Apps for Drawing Anime 2023

Apps for Drawing Anime

Drawing can be a hobby for many users all across the world. People from various parts of the world have enjoyed this activity for many years. Earlier people used to draw images or pictures by using pencil, paper, and colors. But now the days are changed and everything has been modernized. These days people can draw efficiently through tablets, computers as well as phones. Now, whether you use Apple Pencil, iPad Pro, or the Galaxy Note as well as its S Pen, you can easily create real art.  Having said that it is not just about hardware but it is about the apps that the users will be using with it. Nowadays mobile users have lots of drawing as well as art apps from which they can choose the best one. In this article, we have shortlisted the best 10 apps for drawing anime and we have subdivided them into three categories and they are: 

  • Best apps for drawing Anime for Android users 
  • Best apps for drawing Anime for iPhone users 
  • Best apps for drawing Anime for Windows 10 users 

Now let us have a look at all these apps. 

Best Apps for Drawing Anime for Android Users 

Apps for Drawing Anime

Autodesk Sketchbook 

Autodesk Sketchbook is featured with a variety of drawing tools as well as brushes among which you can easily customize on the fly, a gallery organizer, pinch to zoom as well as a support for saving and storing the output to Dropbox. Not only this but also users can be able to create a Sketchbook account for free for gaining access just to enjoy more features such as symmetry and layer tools. It also comes with premium features for which you have to pay to unlock more pro tools such as a more powerful layer, expanded brush library as well as selection tools. 

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MediBang Paint 

MediBang Paint is specifically a Japan-based multi-platform art app that has been designed keeping in mind the manga-style comic. The app is featured with some layers, a wealth of brushes, rulers, tracing aides as well as snap guides. Apart from this, there are also some tools such as screen tones, comic panels, and lettering fonts. 

Infinite Painter 

Infinite Painter is also another app for drawing Anime which is featured 80 plus natural brushes and the app is capable enough to create custom ones, paper textures, infinite layer support, various transformation tools, gradient tools, color pattern, and lots more. Once the editing is done, it can be exported in the form of JPG, PSD, or PNG. The users will be getting 7 days of free trial and after that, they have to pay for it. 


Artflow is solely an Android-based digital art studio that is loaded with some amazing features. It comes in the free and paid version. The free version consists of nine customizable brushes, a color picker, symmetry tools, support for two layers and six-step undo. The paid version, on the other hand, has 50 brushes, the ability to create up to 16 layers, custom palettes as well s stylus pressure support. The paid version of the app has more features as compared to the paid version which is great for aspiring digital artists who are looking for an Android art app. 

Ibis Paint X 

Ibis Paint X is an app for drawing anime as well as manga art. The app is featured 312 types of brushes, flat brushes, fan brushes, charcoal brushes, stamps, crayons as well as airbrushes. The users can also add as many layers as the users want without any limit. Apart from this, there is also a quick slider that allows the users to instantly adjust the thickness and opacity of the brush. 

Best Apps for Drawing Anime for iPhone Users 

Apps for Drawing Anime for iPhone

Affinity Designer 

Affinity Designer is a fully optimized app for iOS which include Apple Pencil support as well as Touch controls. Not only this but also this app has the ability to support multi-artboard canvases with as many layers as the users want. The app supports RGB as well as CMYK and is featured with a full Pantone library in the color swatch panel which means that the app is perfect for doing printed and digital art. 

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Concepts – Sketch, Design, Illustrate

Concepts come with the ease of pen and paper style drawing along with the powerful tools of the vector graphics app. With the help of this app, users can put down ideas for drawing illustrations in making a point, design, make sketches for passing the time, and lots more. Not only this but also the app has access to some amazing tools such as shapes, CAD, vector manipulation, layers, zoom, skew, rotate, and lots more. The app comes with some pro-level features which help to draw anything and anywhere. 


Pixaki is featured with many features which are similar to the desktop app such as custom canvas size, precise colour, animation, layers, and lots more. The app is specifically developed to take full use of hardware capabilities through which the users can make pixel art and isometric cityscapes without any issues. Once the editing is done, the pictures can be exported into various formats such as PNG, GIF, or PSD. 

Best Apps for Drawing Anime for Windows 10 Users 

Apps for Drawing Anime

Paint 3D 

Paint 3D is graphic editing software that is solely designed by Microsoft. The app is featured with a variety of brushes and editing tools which allows its users to create virtually every dimension. There are various tools such as brushes, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, 2D text options, 3D scene effects, Magic Select, and lots more which help the users to explore their creativity. 

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Microsoft Fresh Paint 

Microsoft Fresh Paint is one of the best painting apps which gives its users that closest feel when they have of a pen or brush touching real paper. It includes an option for washing the brush before the user starts using another color. This app is specifically made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of experienced artists. 

So these are some of the best drawing Anime apps that one can use for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10. Let us know which you like the most in the comments section below. 


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