Battlegrounds Mobile India: Updates Get New Features!


Battle Grounds Mobile India has announced the July patch notes for the game on its official YouTube channel via Video One. This new update brings many new features, weapons and changes, as well as the game’s season update. Here is the full information on the changes to Battlegrounds Mobile India that will be seen in the July update.

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New weapon MG3 is available in the game right now.

In the July update of Battlegrounds Mobile India, a new light machine gun, named MG3, is added to the game. The MG3 was introduced in place of the M249 weapon in the supply crate, which was only available exclusively in supply crates.

The new light machine, like the AKG and M-249, only uses 7.62 mm ammo. The main specialty of a light machine gun is that it has continuous fire power and 75 ammo magazine.

Available at the M249 Light Machine Gun Field Drop

According to the patch note video, the Light Machine Gun is available as a field drop on all classic maps of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The light machine gun was taken out of the airdrop.

Throw Healing Consumable Ability

The July update also addressed the potential availability of Three Healing Consumables in the game. Consumables can be thrown like granite and create a path for it. But the patch note warned that if they were thrown wrong, they could bounce back.

New Ranking Season

In the July update, the ranking system changes. A new range has been introduced between Ace and Conquer, named Ace Master and Ace Dominator. Challenge point system will be added to the ranking season. Challenge points can be earned if players complete games without ignoring team members, half way through, or attacking their own team members. After a certain point, the challenge points avoid the reduction of the ranking points, even if the player is eliminated from the beginning.

Mission Ignition Mode

Ignition mode is available on the Erangel map.

The changed locations are:

Pochinki – Transit Center Jorgopal – Jorgopal – Jorgopal
School – Tech Center
Military Base – Security Center
Polayana – Logistics Agency Milta Power – Energy Center

Game Change in machines

Some useful changes have been made to the Game Machines in the July Update. 90 Hz support for most devices, gyroscope settings, auto pickup for favorite attachments, third-party view compatibility, to name a few.

Bronze Statue

Players will have the opportunity to add their bronze statue once they win the game.

NPC mini TV beam

This ray warns players about slogans and messages in the lobby.