6 Shoes that never go out of style


Shoes are considered to be a long-term investment as they go quickly with multiple outfits. Therefore, I prefer having numerous pairs of shoes to rely on for any occasion. Even though the footwear category has its own trend with different styles coming in and out, there are a few pieces that never go out of style. Here are some of the shoes that you must consider buying to create different looks. 



On windy, the statement was in footwear as they go with a selected few outfits. But they undeniably add a charm to the whole look. The main thing to keep in mind when buying boots is that you should look for something that you would be wearing again and again, and they will look trendy and decent for a long period of time. Women have a wide range of boots to choose from, whether it is the knee-high ones or the ankle-length boots.


Sneakers are one type of footwear that will stay with you forever. For decades now, sneakers are one shoe category that has never gone out of fashion and remains the top choice for any casual outfit. There sure have been some variations and trends that have come across in the patterns of sneakers, but the footwear always stays. Some sneakers will become your absolute favourite over time, and you can wear them often with any outfit as they easily blend in.


I feel loafers are the only formal style of shoes that give you more styling options to create different looks. They have the additional comfort that any formal footwear fails to give as it matches with the comfort that casual footwear provides. Loafers are generally worn with trousers or suits, but for a smart casual look, they go well with chinos and denim too. 


These regional styles of traditional footwear have not lost their charm over the years, indicating that they are indeed timeless pieces worth investing in. They go perfectly with a kurta pyjama or any other traditional Indian outfit for that matter. And no one can deny that they elevate the overall look. You can also wear them with an Indo western look of Kurtas with jeans, giving them a more ethnic vibe. 


Clogs are the most functional shoes as you can easily weather them in any season. They have a distinctive style and can be easily worn with any casual look. I have been a great fan of the clogs for years. But these days, they have clogs with chunky soles and unique colours that you can wear with any casual outfit. You also get to customize them with small charms added to them.


Mochains are relatively casual footwear in the total category of formal footwear. Many people suggest that one should own at least one pair of these shoes. These shoes are durable and can be used regularly too. Many office goers prefer buying a few pairs of moccasins with matching belts so that styling formal wear becomes easier.