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10 Different Easiest Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehengas

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehengas

The lehenga is a complete all in one traditional outfit that encompasses all aspects of what the Indian culture is all about. Formed by the fusion of 3 garments, a lehenga (long skirt that reaches the floor), a choli (short tunic that ends just below the bust), and a dupatta (scarf) that can be conveniently wrapped around the body to show modesty.

 Together they create an outfit that is loved by every woman in the country and beyond. Originally worn by the female royalties of the Mughal empire, the lehenga choli is a timeless garment that is not going off the scene anytime soon or forever for that matter!

The dupatta is an especially important clothing accessory that has become a staple on every Indian ethnic women’s clothing. On the market, a variety of dupattas can be seen including plain or decorated ones, different fabric types, and even every color you can think of is available. 

Just think of it and you will be sure to purchase it from various markets and shops online and offline. Dupatta itself even has its own power and can revamp your outfit to create a totally different look that can even enhance the appearance of plain boring clothes. When it comes to the various methods by which we can utilize the dupatta there are several options to keep you styled up.

1. Over the head drape

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehengas

Perhaps this one is the most traditional style and is a true representation of our cultural background. Mostly worn by brides, a maang tikka is supported with this drape and is usually made to match perfectly to the decoration of the dupatta or the blouse. Together with bangles and the right amount of make-up, it makes for a perfect picture

How to wear : Take one end of the dupatta and tuck it in at the back towards one side, now loosely take the length of the dupatta over the shoulder and raise it over the head. Make sure to secure the dupatta to the head. From the leftover fabric pleat it and pin it to the other shoulder. Be careful to not make this too tight as it will ruin the look.

2. Wrist drape

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehengas

An easy style that allows you to display the exquisite decoration of your lehenga and blouse is the wrist style. We strongly advise you to choose a light fabric so you don’t overwork those arms! Young girls and slim women will love this stunning look that does not even require any styling effort. 

How to wear : All you have to do is wrap the dupatta around both wrists and let the rest of it fall freely. 

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3. Half saree drape

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehengas

Inspired by the saree draping method of South Indian women, the half saree drape is a modern spin on a traditional drape. It is known to lay emphasis on the waist without making your stomach look like a flabby cake.

How to wear : First wrap a corner around your waist and then make pleats for the shoulder using another corner. A V-shape should be formed from the back.

4. Single shoulder drape

Another simple drape technique is the single shoulder drape. As the name suggests it only covers one shoulder but still maintains its sophisticated look. This style is definitely for beginners or women who do not have enough time to try the more complex looks. 

How to wear : All that is required is for you to fold the dupatta in half, now put your shoulder through the center. Pull the dupatta up to the shoulder and fix it with safety pins. You can adjust the lengths to avoid the fabric from dragging and getting caught on something.

5. Neck drape

A more complex method of draping is the neck drape. This one will set you apart from the crowd and is seen only by daring fashionistas that love to try new trends. 

How to wear : Simply take the dupatta, fold it in half and create pleats here. The pleats are to be worn in the front of the neck and equal parts of fabric should lie on either side of the body. 

6. Double dupatta drape

Weddings and high-profile parties are where this drape may be spotted, they are usually accompanied by the most expensive and renowned fabric such as silk. Gold, silver embroidery and stonework are common sights on these fabrics. 

How to wear : Here 2 dupattas are used. One dupatta will be a normal half saree drape, the other will be an above the head drape.

7. Free draped dupatta

In a rush and need a quick and easy drape to get you going? Try the free dupatta draping method as it makes for the most comfortable feel and stylish look possible

How to wear : The dupatta should be laid over the front of the chest in such a way to form a translucent layer that makes the wearer look angelic. You can also pin it if you do not want the fabric to shift as you move.  

8. Pleated side style drape

This one is as stylish as they come and compliments your body to give an appealing look. Incomparable to any other drape, the majority of women prefer this style for its simplicity and attractiveness.

How to wear : For this take the entire dupatta and pleat it throughout the length, The center should be placed on one shoulder and pinned equally. 

9. Wrist and shoulder drape

Containing features of both wrist drape and the one-shouldered drape, it is loved for its unique aura and the creative thought behind it. 

How to wear : Half the dupatta and put one shoulder through it, next take the rest of the saree and wrap it around the wrist of the opposite side of the body.

10. Dupatta with waist belt.

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehengas

Fashion up your dupatta with an accessory, to be specific a waist belt. Popular amongst every woman, waist belts can easily be put on to add an extra glamorous look that will garner attention. 

How to wear : Take an end of the dupatta and tuck it in at the front side of the waist, take the fabric around the back and make pleats from the other end of the dupatta.

These pleats will be affixed to the shoulder at the other side of the body. Now wear your belt at the slimmest point of the waist to highlight it.

If you love wearing lehenga then you can buy wholesale lehenga online which will save your time and money.

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