Why you need to study English literature in UK?

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Surely a good answer is the fact that this is where the English language originated. In fact, England is home to famous writers and thinkers such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, Sir Isaac Newton and many others who have enriched and changed the language over time. There is no denying the relevance of English as an international language in literature, science, industry, technology and finance and therefore as a result, it is increasingly important to have a good command of English to succeed in today’s global market . This is an objective that you can achieve by attending one of our English schools in England, where you will acquire the necessary confidence to speak without problems in any academic, professional and social occasion.

What kind of English course in England to attend?

UK offers different types of English courses, each of these meets the needs of each individual student, in fact, you can choose one of the following courses:

Intensive English course:

32 lessons per week to learn English faster. Surely if you don’t have a lot of time, this is the best English course to help you reach your goals faster
General English course: 26 weekly lessons, divided between lessons in the physical classroom and in the virtual classroom. This type of course is designed to ensure level advancement within 6 weeks of your study stay.
Preparation course for an international exam: this is the ideal English course for those who want to make their CV shine with an official English certification. Choose this course if you want to prepare: IELTS, TOEFL or other language certifications.

Can I take intensive English courses in England?

Certainly. These are courses with a larger number of lessons, structured to allow you to make the most of your time in England. In the intensive English courses in England, you will have lessons both in the morning and in the afternoon, with activities in the classroom, outside the classroom, project sessions and seminars to allow you to deepen every aspect of the English language: grammar, vocabulary, listening, written and oral communication and also your interpersonal skills.

Destinations: where to study English in England?

UK offers English schools in many cities in Great Britain especially in the cities most loved by students from all over the world. At each of our English schools in England you will find an enthusiastic and dynamic staff, ready to help you at any time and to involve you in many activities before and after classes. Studying English in England with EF means learning while having fun first and foremost! It also means that you will study with peers from all over the world and professors who specialize in teaching foreign students.

If you love the sea and the relaxed climate but want to study English in England, you can choose between:

  • English courses in Eastbourne – a short distance from London on the Sunshine Coast, this is one of England’s most popular seaside resorts.
  • English courses in Brighton – a dynamic town on the south coast of England known by all as “London by the sea”
  • English courses in Bournemouth – famous for its golden beaches and seaside resort, Bournemouth is also a university town and rich in history
  • English courses in Torquay – golden beaches and a sparkling international atmosphere characterize this English coast destination perfect for the youngest looking to study English in England for the first time

In case you can’t do without the city and the dynamism that comes with it, we recommend one of these destinations:

  • English courses in London – capital city of the United Kingdom, definitely needs no introduction. British and historic, but always avant-garde and engaging.
  • English courses in Bristol – it is one of the most important university cities in Britain but is also artistic and full of fun
  • English courses in Manchester – once an industrial city, this city has renewed itself as a university center with a dynamic and young atmosphere, with an international atmosphere and an interesting architectural landscape.

Which accommodation to choose between Family or Residence?

UK offers you the possibility to choose your English course in England according to your needs. You can choose how many lessons per week to do, whether to combine an international certification or an internship. In addition, it will be continuous learning, not only limited to the hours of lessons, because you will constantly speak in English with your friends during the activities organized by the school or in your host family if you decide to choose this type of accommodation. If, on the other hand, you choose a more independent solution such as the residence, you will surely have the opportunity to talk to other students like you, coming from all over the world.

What is it like to live in England during an English course?

When you hear the words “United Kingdom” you probably think of double-decker buses, red telephone boxes, five o’clock tea and even a plate of fish & chips. All true, but living in England means much more than that!

Living in England during an English course abroad means immersing yourself in a new culture and discovering the particularities of the chosen destination. And the choices are so many! From super dynamic London to seaside destinations such as Bournemouth, England offers a wide range of possibilities and will surprise you with its mix of international culture, trendy clubs, traditions and family hospitality. And not just in the most famous cities!

If you are looking for a destination that combines sea, relaxation but also a good dose of nightlife and summer fun, seaside towns such as Brighton, Bournemouth or Eastbourne may be the ideal choice. You will be able to fully experience the local language and culture while relaxing on the beach during your free time.

Then there are small towns that are academic centers on an international level, such as Oxford and Cambridge: young people from all over the world come here to study in the best English universities and make great discoveries. Chatting in the bars of this city you may meet one of the next Nobel laureates!

For sports fans then there is Manchester, which in addition to being the second largest university in England, is also the home of two famous football teams – Manchester United and Manchester City. What better way to practice your English than chatting in front of a game?

For those who want a blend of hipster vibe, art, university life and an active music scene, Bristol will surprise you with seafaring pubs, riverside clubs, Bansky murals on every corner and breathtaking scenery such as the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Then there is London, which absolutely needs no Introduction: multicultural but always “British”, rich in history but continuously at the forefront, the perfect destination for students of all ages, it is a destination that cannot be missing from the stamp collection on your passport.