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What is transformation Tuesday on Social Media and How you can use it?

transformation Tuesday on Social Media

Transformation Tuesday is one of the most popular trends as well as a hashtag that the people use mostly on multiple social networks including Instagram, Facebook as well as Twitter. It is a fun way for people to share about themselves and how they have evolved or changed over the week, months, or years. As the week gets you rolling this is a trend to keep the social media followers engaged and to put a smile on their faces. Tuesday’s Transformation trend is mostly based on facts, trivia, or some wisdom quotes. People find it a fun way to get some time to make people feel happy as well as connected with their social media networks. There are a number of ways you can use this Tuesday’s Transformation on multiple social media networks. 

How to use Transformation Tuesday on Social Media Networks

Most of the people are encouraged to post their transformation videos on multiple social media apps including Facebook as well as Instagram with a descriptive hashtag on their photo. Different people do different things to show their Tuesday transformation. The different ways you can use Transformation Tuesday are as under ;

  • Many people make before and after photos using different collage apps to split the images into two parts using one side to show before photo and the other side to show after photo with the hashtag of transformation Tuesday. The transformation part is completely in your own hand; you just have to think of creative ideas to show your Tuesday’s Transformation.
  • Another way people use to show their Tuesday’s Transformation is that they post pictures of themselves when they were a kid alongside a picture of themselves when they are all grown up. It makes them feel good about the time flies and how they have changed in these years. Such transformation pictures are really fun and they keep your followers active as they actively participate in your posts.
  • Not all people make a collage of their pictures instead some people just post a single picture with a descriptive form of the caption on it and they explain how they have changed through the years. The descriptive information is in such a way that it makes the people read it fully. The information is in a form of a story or any incident which keeps the people engaged.
  • Some people share their professional achievements with storytelling other than how they have worked hard through the years. They show pictures of their struggle how they have worked hard in years. This encourages people to keep working hard if they want to achieve their goals.
  • People like fashion bloggers and makeovers share their stories by combining a picture of their current work paired up with past taken selfies that show how they have changed fashion sense over the years. The transformation stories encourage others to do whatever they are doing to make it worthwhile. 
  • Some people post pictures of their dogs who have just been groomed and they make a collage showing their pictures showing when they were small and the other side showing they’re grown-up pictures. In this way, they depict their animal’s growth using Tuesday’s Transformation on multiple social media networks.
  • People also share their fitness or weight loss journey. They show how they have lost weight over 5-6 months. This way they use their Tuesday’s Transformation hashtag to show their journey through this and encourage others to follow the same thing to reach their destination.
  • People also use Tuesday’s Transformation to show their progress on their artistic skills.
  • A home décor artist shows the comparison of old and new ideas to show how they have evolved in many years.

Tuesday’s Transformation hashtag

There are no strict or compulsive rules to follow for Tuesday’s Transformation hashtag. You just have to be creative to commit the message of how something or someone in the photo has evolved in a good way over time. Only then the post qualifies as a potential post for Tuesday’s Transformation.

The trend is very popular on all the social networks. Before this trend a trend of throwback Thursday was very famous. Both these trends give the users a perfect excuse to post more selfies and hashtag trends to engage more and more people on their posts. In this way, you can gather the attention of the users and it will also increase your followers on Instagram and other social media.

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