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What Increases Your Excitement And Waiting For The Festive Season

We all live a busy scheduled lifestyle. In this lifestyle, everything is planned from waking up to sleeping. I don’t have any complaints about this busy schedule. I have complaints and problems from life like a machine. We all get the weekend for holidays but in so many of your lives, the weekend also becomes a working day. It seems like there is no fun and no excitement in our life. Nowadays, not even kids are free on weekends. Because they are busy with their extra classes, homework, and other activities. In all these no-fun lifestyles, the festive season comes like a blessing. It’s like the fuel that fills energy in all of us. It teaches us again to be happy, to be together with our loved ones. It brings only happiness and happiness in everyone’s life. Now, so many people will ask what makes the festive season exciting. So let me tell you, numerous things make the festive season exciting. One by one, I will tell you about everything. So if you have missed anything last year. You can fulfill that missed excitement this year. So at least, this year you don’t have regrets. I am telling you about what makes my festive season exciting. Because I think all these things are common in all of us.


So the first thing that changes the festival into a celebration, and that is food. The festive season starts with Durga Puja Kale chane ki sabzi, halwa, and puri, and it ends with the Merry Christmas cake. I know, so many of you think I should say a new year. But this is like old and new year things. That’s why I didn’t mention, but yes you can count. Food is something that brings joy to every celebration. You can say this and I am sure, so many of you will agree with me. Most of us wait for the festive season, so we can eat whatever we want, without any restriction. This time, diet and dieting food also go on holiday. Only you and yummy dishes live. And yes, here we are talking about the food, we can’t forget new year cakes. After all, the new year’s eve party is the last celebration of any year and the first celebration of the coming year. So here because of cake, I will count it.


During the festive season, our homes also decorate and shine like our faces. It’s like a time when you want or not. You have to clean your homes and other worotheraces. So you can decorate them, and make them look beautiful just like your faces. I personally love this part of the festive season. But at the same time, it is a super tiring thing. But yes, it has its own fun.


This is one of the most hectic, and thrilling things. Thrilling because you have to shop in a gathering, where a huge number of people are already shopping. So doing shopping in a huge gathering is not less than a thrill. Shopping is such an exciting thing because this is the time when you see so many new things. You get a chance to buy so many things, without putting any restrictions on yourself. You can buy lots of cookies, dresses, decorative things and many more. The best part about this time, if you will do it in the right way. You can save lots of money. Like do some shopping online, and get benefits of discount. In fact, you can order cake online instead of buying from your nearby bakery.

Look good

The festive season is the time when we get a reason to wear traditional attire. Not only traditional, but this is also the time when you can wear whatever you want. You wear so many pretty dresses, makeup, accessories, and everything. We all click lots of pictures and make memories.


This is one of the biggest reasons why so many of us wait for the festive season. I think we all wait for gifts, and it enhances the excitement of the festive season. Gifts are like a cherry on the cake in the festive season.

These are the things that make not only mine and all of us a festive season waiting super exciting. I am sure, you all will not deny it. So now, check-in this list, if you have missed anything last year. Fulfill that missed things this year, with interest. And if you have been planning, then take a look. Is there anything that you are missing? Because nothing should decrease a single percent of your festive season excitement.


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