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8 Tips to attract Instagram followers for your first 250K

8 Tips to attract Instagram followers for your first 250K

Instagram is one of the social networks most popular. There’s so much attention to capturing that it’s important for brands and individuals to build a broad following.

Her masters in marriage and family treatment were received, but she discovered that the best therapy was laughter and that she was able to bring a lot of laughter to a great number of people through social media at once. She takes herself not too seriously and has no difficulty in burying herself at the expense of making people laugh. She has developed her Instagram account so that as numerous people as possible connect, interact, and share a laugh. Here are her eight tips that have helped her to grow after over a quarter-million followers.

1. Choose a subject and be consistent.

What made my voice different, I had to think about.There are plenty of accounts. I decided that with a sexually charged, unabated female voice, I’d grow my account with a self-deprecating shock mood.

Everything I post has the same aim: to make people laugh in the same unpleasant voice. To keep your supporters engaged, you must be consistent. They will follow you if you are inconsistent.

2. Maintain a consistent posting schedule

At least once a day, you must post. You can’t grow if you’re not posting here and there for a week or a couple of days. Your supporters expect your content. It is therefore important that you deliver what they want constantly.

Each post is a chance for new followers to attract. For example, I get at least 300 comments every time I post them. About 95% tagged someone else they thought was going to appreciate what I posted. This new person will be notified and you will see the meme on which they are marked and presented on my account. I get a new follower if they connect with it.

3.Use well-considered hashtags.

Hashtags are very valuable with the new algorithm. For your target public you need to find relevant and trendy hashtags. If too vague, the most popular ones will be flooded in seconds. Remember that I always use all 30 hashtags per post.

I’ve saved a list of the most effective ones — I just copy and paste them into comments after I posted them. Do not put them in the post’s title because it disagrees with the message.

4. Use the geotag function of Instagram.

Geotag your photographs — locations where you are or places your target audience is. For instance, I tag Starbucks when I post coffee meme. Those who are in Starbucks looking for the geotag will see my coffee meme, and maybe they will get a laugh and follow me.

5. Mail for your audience at optimal times.

You may have missed every East Coaster that scrolls its Instagram feed when they wake up if you are in Los Angeles and post when they wake up. You need to look at the most likely scrolling and posting times for your audience.

I realized from my analysis that people tend to scroll funny night before bed accounts. I see most of my last activity that is maintained all night long. I always post my best to match all time zones with bedtime.

6. Make your content pleasing and shareable.

It should not only be narrative and interesting, but also aesthetically pleasing and shareable. If your watermark is boldly imprinted on the whole stuff, no one will shoot your perfectly formulated hilarious meme. Who would like to share?

Nobody will repost it if anyone wants to repost your lovely image, but you run an immense ad, or promo over it. When people repost my memes, they actually increase myInstagram followers.

7. Watermark all original content.

Watermark all original content so that people know who should receive the credit if they share it. People will screenshot and repost your pictures so that the original content will be protected to give you credit and exposure. Create a readable, but not disturbing watermark.

8. In your photos, tag larger accounts.

I can tag her, her manager, e-news, pop culture accounts, comedy accounts, etc if I create a meme about Beyoncé. This notifies them that something like this exists and maybe it follows me — and if I am fortunate, they credit me for their much greater success, which attracts more exposure.