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What are NFTs? Why are NFT tokens so expensive?

NFTs are considered a digital answer to collectible items at this time, which is considered the digital answer to bitcoin currency. NFT presents a music album and other types of digital files. NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. It is worth noting here that this is not interchangeable. Economically, the Fungible Asset is the exchange of money with one another. For example, money can be exchanged. For example, you can exchange 2 notes worth Rs 50 instead of Rs 100. Because the two are ultimate of equal value.


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What are NFTs?

NFTs are considered irrevocable because they contain unique elements, so they cannot be exchanged with any other commodity or asset. It could be a house or a painting. You can take a photo of the painting or buy a print of it. But the original painting is the same. There is no other like it.

NFTs are a type of asset in the digital world. These can be purchased in the form of the property but have no clear form of their own.

How do NFTs work?

Traditional works of art, such as paintings, are valuable because they are identical. Digital files can be easily copied. A certificate of digital ownership of the artwork can be purchased and sold through NFTs.

In NFTs, records are stored in the ledger. These ledgers cannot be copied by thousands of computers. NFTs may also include smart contracts for artists.

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Why can’t people copy digital art?

In many cases, the artist also retains copyright ownership of their work, enabling them to continue producing and selling copies. One way people will be able to copy digital art. Once in a while, the NFT buyers have a token that ensures they have the original work.

It should be noted that people are spending millions of dollars on these tokens.

How much are NFTs worth?

Anyone can get a token to sell their artwork as NFT. But the purchase of these tokens in millions of dollars has made it labeled as the most valuable thing.

Fooling technique?

Most artists sell their digital art through NFTs. Some feel that this is a foolproof network. Some artists are using it as a dime, says an artist named David Gerard.

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