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Best POS Systems for Franchises

Franchise businesses have a variety of needs that most other small companies just don’t have to deal with, because those companies don’t come with the built in audience and established market presence that your average franchise opportunity brings to the table. Because of those needs, your ideal POS hardware setup is going to be a little different if you’re starting a franchise.

Corporate requirements for participation in gift card programs, loyalty rewards, and other marketing efforts will require a setup that supports those things, and you’re probably also going to need add-ons like staff management and scheduling. As a result, your ideal system needs to provide support for business apps out of the box, preferably with some data integration between them. The good news? That means your best choice is probably one of the Clover devices, which are cost-effective and easy to find in today’s market.


Clover Station 2.0: Out of the Box Excellence

The Clover Station is the company’s flagship offering, and the current model comes with everything you need to accept today’s electronic payment methods. You’ll get a cash drawer and printer with the screen and card reader hardware in the base bundle, and you can add upgrades like the Clover Mobile to access mobile data if needed. You can also count on a variety of apps out of the box, including staff scheduling. The Clover app experience is versatile, though, so you can easily download and add functions as needed. This is especially great for service franchises like salons and auto repair shops, because it lets you add appointment setting and invoicing software when you need it.

You can also add a wireless credit card reader for contactless payment options in store, or you can opt for an entire wireless device if you’re getting ready to do off-site sales like event concessions. The Clover system of devices can integrate through your account to provide you with quick sales numbers from each location, making it easy to expand or to participate in pop-up opportunities.

Clover Flex for Mobile Payments

Franchise businesses that need to accept mobile payments have a few options from Clover, but the Flex is the fast and full-service build in a single device. You could also combine a Clover Mini with a mobile payment upgrade for a bigger screen, but the Flex is more cost effective, especially if you’re managing the administrative side through your account on a full sized Clover Station or a laptop. It’s the all in one Clover credit card machine that allows you to access all the same sales and checkout options you have on your main device, without tying up your smartphone.

Choose Your Own Payment Processor

The Clover family has a lot of benefits for the new franchise operator, but one of the big ones is the ability to shop for payment processing. This lets you work with the best offers you can find, calibrating your costs and controlling your overhead in a way that POS hardware tied to a single payment processor just can’t offer you. It gives you more power when searching for a deal on both service and hardware, since many Clover dealers are also payment processors, giving you a chance to find your best bargain as you get set up.


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