Toro Snow Blower Review 2021

best toro snowblower review

Toro snowblowers come in many forms and models, all of which are targeted to various specific needs. Their products can be classified into three main categories: electric snowblowers, single-stage snowblowers, and dual-stage snowblowers. Here is the best toro snowblower review.

Toro snowblower review are what Toro’s great history and reputation amount to, and the machines sure live up to expectations. Toro’s snow blowers are classified into three categories: electric snow blowers, single-stage snow blowers, and two-stage snow blowers.

best toro snow blower

Best Toro Snow Blower Review 2021

  • Toro 1800 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower

One of Toro’s undoubtedly most popular products is the Toro 1800 18-inch electric snow thrower. A consistent top-notcher, the Toro 1800 is used to meeting expectations. Enjoying an almost perfect rating from Amazon and from other reviewers, 1800 has become one of Toro’s strongest products.

This shovel-like snow thrower has the lightweight and compact body of a snow shovel but has the strength and force of a small single-stage snow blower. Featuring a powerful motor with simple trigger starts and up to 12 amp in power, the Toro 1800 is perhaps the only compact snow thrower with its set of specs.

Performance-wise, it can clear up to 10 inches of snow from 18 inch wide paths then throw it up to 30 feet away. You can choose the right direction of your throw with the 160-degree adjustable chute with a special key lock for safety.

But its best feature yet is its namesake, the Power Curve system. The system uses a unique curved rotor designed to more efficiently and effectively tackle ice, supported by wide rubber paddles that clean down to the pavement.

  • Toro CCR Powerlite 325 Recoil Single Stage

If you need a single stage snowblower, there are a lot of Toro snowblowers to choose from. But if you are specifically looking for a lightweight and compact snow machine, you can rely on the 38172 CCR Powerlite 325 from Toro. Though pretty basic among the highly impressive line of snowblowers Toro has become known for, the Toro 38172 CCR Powerlite 325 offers a streamlined process of snow clearing.

This is one of the basic and the most affordable Toro snowblowers you will find in the market, though this also means it skims down on some of the specs and features. Though a single stage machine, it has a 16-inch clearing with and a 25 feet throw distance, which are noticeably less than the specs of the Toro 1800 Power Curve.

However, using the same Power Curve patented technology, the CCR Powerlite can move up to 1,100 lbs. of snow per minute as opposed to just 700 lbs. It is pushed forward by a 3.25 hp Tecumseh 2-cycle gas engine with a convenient recoil start. The special technology of the Power Curve system also ranks it among the industry’s most advanced snowblowers.

PowerShovel: Toro Electric Snow blower

The company is best known for its electric snowblowers, which are more convenient than gas-based snowblowers and are preferred by several users, especially homeowners. The electric Toro snow blowers are great options for clearing snow off sidewalks and decks.

These machines are lightweight and especially designed to be easy to maneuver and store. The Power Shovel line under this series provides 12” clearing widths and 20” throw distances, along with adjustable telescoping handles, a cord-lock system, and a powerful auger system.

One model in this series is the 38361 Power Shovel electric snow thrower, which is one of the lightest snow machines, with a 7.5-amp electric motor, 20” throw distance, 6-inch intake height, and 12-inch clearing width. It is encased in a highly durable plastic casing with metal handles.

If you want something more powerful but would like to keep the same set of features, check out the Toro 1800, with a 12-amp electric motor encased in an 18-inch model with a 160-degree movable chute, safety key locks, and most of the features in the 38361 model.

Toro Single-Stage Snowblowers

Toro’s single-stage snowblowers, on the other hand, offer excellent performance made possible by its strong gas engine. These are ideal for short and small to average-sized driveways.

These are powerful enough to tackle big snow conditions, but are still lightweight and easy to use. Top models in this series are the CCR Powerlite and the PowerClear line.

Toro PowerMax Two-Stage Snowblowers

The two-stage snowblowers are powerful companions that can plow through deep and heavy snow coverage. These Toro snowblowers also have one of the widest clearing paths in the industry. If you are looking for a two-stage snowblower, check out the PowerMax and PowerThrow models from Toro.

The PowerMax machines are large machines that are still quite easy to operate, while the PowerThrow are small machines that perform the large way.

The PowerMax line is equipped with the common PowerMax Auger system, a groundbreaking snow throwing technology that can throw off snow fast and powerfully with its high-speed impeller. The snowblowers also have heavy-duty auger gearcases, FreeWheel steering, X-Trac tires, and a Quick Stick chute control for easy maneuverability. And for safe and convenient use, the machine features a one-hand interlock that allows single-handed operation. The machines also come with reversible skid shoes.

The Verdict

In the snowblower industry, you probably cannot make a better choice than a Toro machine. These snow machines are equipped with all the necessary capabilities and features to make your snow-clearing experience as manageable as possible.

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