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Top 7 Ro Water Filter Problems And How To Fix Them

Unlike most kitchen appliances, RO water purifiers require regular maintenance and maintenance. Proper maintenance of your RO water purifier is essential to your health and the long life of your RO water purifier. Join Scimitar to find out the top 7 common RO water filter problems and how to fix them through the following article.

1. Malfunction of RO water purifier

The RO water purifier has run out of water, not even a drop of water is flowing from the tap of the water purifier:

a) The ‘Power ON’ power indicator is off – Check if the power switch is on / off

If the switch is on, check if a power supply is available.

In the event that both of these conditions are met and the RO filter still does not turn on, there is some fault with the wiring or the power adapter. In this case, you will have to call an RO service specialist to diagnose the problem.

b) The ‘Power ON’ power indicator is on – The first thing you should check is the water supply valve

If the water inlet valve is closed (no water inlet), open the valve for inlet water and see if the filter is working.

If the water supply valve is open (with water inlet) and the RO water filter is not working, you need to check the water pressure again. Most RO filters will not work if the water pressure is low. The reason may be that the water supply is disconnected or insufficient pressure or the low pressure valve is damaged (some water inlet is weak, the water filter will have a low pressure valve).

If the RO water filter is still not working, it may be due to: The filters are blocked and need to be replaced or a part of the inside of the machine is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired or replaced (this is usually the case. is a damaged electronic valve, causing the pump not to run and the RO water filter system not working).

Solution: Check the power supply and water supply valve to make sure there is a power supply and water supply inlet. If the above 2 conditions are met , the water purifier should be called by a service technician .

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2. Malfunction of the RO water filter

Leaky RO water purifiers are one of the most common RO water filter problems. Sometimes, you may see a puddle of water near your RO. You can see this is because the connectors (elbows) of the system are loose and the water leaks. You can wipe it off with a dry cloth and find a leak to tighten or replace yourself. In some cases, the filter element or the filter cup may be cracked, causing water leakage.

To make it easier when you have a water leak in your RO water filter, you can contact the water purifier maintenance service. Leaks in water purifiers can create a lot of problems if not resolved in time. Technicians do thorough checks to find the real cause of the leaky RO water locator problem.

Solution: Call a water purifier service technician to find out the cause of the leak and fix it .

3. Drinking water has a bad odor or unpleasant taste

RO water filter for clean water, no bad odors or unpleasant odors. However, you can still feel the difference in taste when drinking RO water. The most common cause of an unpleasant odor and taste is the presence of chlorine. This can happen if the filters do not filter the water properly. And therefore, there is the usual smell and taste in water.

If you do not want this problem to continue, you will need to change the filter every 12 months.

Purified water may also smell bad if it has not been used after long periods of storage in a pressure vessel. You should discard purified water if left in the container for more than 2 days. You should also clean and sanitize the pressure vessel at the time of servicing or replacing the cartridge.

Solution: Replace the filter on time (replace yourself or call for service), keep the pressure vessel clean and flush if not in use for more than 2 days.

4. Problem that the RO water purifier does not turn off automatically

When the RO water filter is full, the system will automatically shut down the filtration process (pump stops running).

If the auto-off feature does not work properly, the RO water purifier will work continuously. This will result in overflow of water from the pressure vessel. Usually the reason in this case is a failure of the machine’s high pressure valve.

Solution: Call a water purifier maintenance technician, they will repair or replace the defective part.

5. The water output is weak, the output is low or the pressure tank takes longer to fill

When your RO water filter takes longer than usual to fill the pressure tank, it is very likely that one or more of the filters are blocked. Each filter element in the RO water filter works to filter substances and particles with specific sizes. These filtered impurities get trapped on the surface of the filter element / filter.

If the filters are not cleaned or replaced on time, these impurities will form a stubborn layer on the filter element surface, interfering with the flow of water.

This problem most commonly occurs in areas with very poor water quality (high concentrations of sediments and other physical impurities).

Solution: Replace the filter cartridge, filter on time (replace or call for service).

6. Malfunction of the RO water filter when running with a loud noise

The most common source of vibration and noise in any water purifier is the RO pump.

RO pumps like any other water pump tend to get noisy over time due to the way they are designed to work. An RO pump has many parts such as bearings, which move at high speed to create the water pressure required for RO filtration. Continuous movement and increased friction make these pump components noisy and high vibrations are generated.

Vibration and noise can also appear if the RO pump housing is not tightened.

You may also notice some vibrations if you have recently changed the cartridge. This is a temporary fault, vibrations will automatically disappear after a few hours.

Solution: Call a water purifier maintenance technician to find out the cause and take action.

7. Malfunction of the RO water filter with a lot of RO wastewater

All RO water purifiers have wastewater. This RO wastewater contains soluble solids and is not suitable for drinking. If your RO water purifier is releasing an unusually high amount of wastewater, this is a clear sign of a blocked RO membrane. If not replaced in time, the RO membrane will become clogged with all the dissolved solids adhering to its surface. At this time, it is mandatory to replace the RO membrane.

There is no timeframe for when to replace the RO membrane as it depends on the inlet water quality. If your home water input source has a high TDS, the RO membrane needs to be changed earlier and vice versa.

Solution: Replace the RO membrane (self-replace or call for service).

Above are the top 7 RO water filter problems and how to fix them, if you have other RO water filter problems, please leave a comment below.


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