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Top 5 Best Water Purifier for Home in India

Top 5 Best Water Purifier for Home in India

You need to remember that a water purifier is a device that is directly related to your health. Health is a strong fundamental issue. So when it comes to our health, we should not take any kind of risk. You have to consider all aspects thoroughly and buy the right purifier for you.

We know that it will be difficult for you to gather all this information together because it involves some technical issues. So to make your responsibility easier, below we have listed the 5 Best Water Purifier for home chosen by our experienced experts. You can easily choose products from here depending on your budget.

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The list of best water purifier for home (use for home)

1. Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV+UF 

Best Water Purifier

one of the best Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF  water purifiers comes with a massive 7-stage purifying process that includes UV, RO, and UF filters. The water purifier also consists of seasoned Mineral RO TM technology along with an inbuilt TDS controller that helps hold all the essential and vital Natural metals in the water. This  Kent Grand assures you are drinking only the purest and finest purified water.

The brand has also combined the Kent Grand RO Water purifier on top to make sure the produce retains minerals. Not only that, one of the most important features of this product is that it can quickly purify water with TDS content as long as 2000 ppm.

The product also comes with a UV fail alert along with a filter replacement warning. This is a great point for people with busy lives who cannot keep in step with these things. The purifier has a storage capacity of 8 ltr, while it can purify nearby 20 ltr of water per hour.

Features & Specification:

  • RO+UF+UV along with high-level Mineral RO TM technology
  • The storage capacity of 8 ltr
  • UV break alarm and filter change alerts
  • TDS controller to maintain essential minerals


  • Ultra Violet and Ultrafiltration gives the safest water
  • Fit for all types of water
  • Offers at least three years of free service along with free installation
  • Helps retain required minerals with TDS controller


  • Usually, take nearby 2-5 days to provide support services in provincial areas

2. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF 7 Stage Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier

If you always believe in the goodness of copper in water treatment and purification, you will undoubtedly enjoy this product to the fullest. HUL brings you an RO water purifier that is generated with their limited copper charge technology.

The 7-step purifying process typically includes RO-UV-MF filters so that you can consume only the most reliable water. If you are someone who already has experience of using copper utensils for water, then you will appreciate the standard labor shortage in using this purifier. You will not need to leave water in the copper vessel overnight, nor worry about daily cleaning. This water purifier technique does everything by itself.

You will find some pots and pots of copper water in the market; however, they only come with a copper water pot and pot. Puree copper + RO, on the other deal, uses an electrochemical dissolution technique, which is an expert in selling the water with about 99.8% copper before each dispense. This method will give you so much time to do the tasks discussed above and provide a healthy sip of copper water whenever you want.

Features & Specification: 

  • Begins with a 7 Stage RO+UV+MF Purification Process to give 100% secure water
  • Adds the right price of copper to give you the health benefits of Copper
  • Enhances RO water with 99.8% copper with Copper Charge Technology
  • Gives the option to choose between copper and standard RO water
  • Alerts you 15 days before filter expiry
  • 8 ltr of water storage


  • RO purifier that supports your immunity by producing copper enriched RO water
  • The copper enriched water also helps enhance digestion, helps fight obesity, and maintains overall wellbeing
  • Automatically cleans copper without any hassles
  • Sleek, aesthetic, and ergonomic design Comes with hands-free bottle fill zone


  • The purifier is slightly expensive

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard 6 Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

Not even 1% is also in doubt that Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is one of the most respected names in the water purifier industry. It is not only Indians, but the whole world believes in its capabilities to produce clean and safe water. The product comes with a 6-ltr volume and uses RO + UV + MTDS filtration system.

MTDS technology is comparatively new, so let me tell you regarding it. This is a feature that you will find in many designs of this brand. What it does is it provides you with manual curbs that you can use to adjust the taste of pure water. This is especially important for those who live in metropolitan areas with a taste for water.

However, one peculiarity that steals our hearts is smart energy-saving technology. You do not have to worry about non-stop controlling filters even after the water tank is full, this device stops power loss after doing its job. This is going to help you save a few deer on your electricity bill.

Features & Specification:

  • Bright energy-saving technology
  • The storage space of 6-ltr
  • 1-year warranty with free installation
  • RO water purifier with MTDS and UV


  • The product uses less electricity
  • Dynamic works on a 230 watts power
  • Comes with a water level symbol


  • Does not come with a filter change indicator or alert

4. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7 Litre

Blue Star Aristo RO

Blue Star Aristo RO & UV Water Purifier runs efficiently on a 36 watts power. This is the official currency that any Indian home can offer. There is a type of feature that you get with this product, one of them is the ATB technology. This technology helps enhance the taste of the water and make it delicious in areas where the water sources taste foul.

One of the best features of water purifiers of this product is the amazing range of alert information that you get. The Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7 Litre Water Purifier does sure you do not neglect to change the filters and turn the device off through signals. This makes sure that your device is presented with a long and healthy life, as well as you and this is one of the best water purifier for home.

Features & Specifications:

  • Work efficiently on a 36 watts power
  • UV fail alarm along with full tank symbol
  • Multi-stage filtration to reduce rigid impurities
  • ATB technology to enhance the taste of water


  • Comes with the most advanced technology RO+UV filtration
  • Offers a child-lock feature
  • Comes equipped with all important alerts and indicators
  • Large 10-inch filter to make brushing easier


  • Wastes a lot of water

5. AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier (Cold & Hot Dispenser)

Best Water Purifier

The AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier has many uses that make it the right and perfect choice for you and your family. The brand requires that they provide superior performance to other RO purifiers on the market.

First, let’s talk about the purification method. The product boasts an impressive 8-step purification technology that helps get cleared of all common impurities from your drinking water. The brand guarantees that every drop of water you use is free of contamination.

The device also has a metal technology, also known as min-tech. This system helps in regaining all the lost vital minerals and improves the taste of the water. This facility also guarantees that the pH level of water is maintained.

Features & Specifications:

  • Clean, pure, and reliable water with 1-press of a button
  • Saves twice as much water as the RO method
  • Digital reading for hot water warmth
  • 8-Stage RO+SCMT Purification


  • Reduces the wastage of water
  • RO membrane comes with auto-flushing
  • Mineraliser technology helps in retaining essential minerals
  • ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCM)


  • High as compared to other products on this list