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A Quick Guide to Protect granite countertops

granite countertops

Known as a high-end material, granite is also referred to as a quality of granite countertops. It is a durable natural stone known for its hard surface. It is a beautiful, smooth, and hard kind of stone. It is resistant to high-temperature fluctuations, no matter the different temperatures they encounter. 

Its smooth and shiny surface makes it easy to clean, especially when it comes to staining. It is also resistant to scratching, even with the hardest of cleaners. It can be polished without scratching. A good protection always increases the durability of the granite countertops.

1- Care and maintenance of granite countertops:

Moreover, if you have a granite countertop, you will know how to care for and maintain it properly. This means that you must take care of your stone to ensure its long-life span. There are many ways to keep your granite countertop looking great and new. However, it would be best if you considered following rules when cleaning and maintaining your stone.

First off, you must clean your granite often. It is essential to avoid scratches. Also, you must avoid dropping your granite off the countertop on floors or against other objects. For these reasons, you must use a soft brush to prevent the scratch marks from getting. In addition to this, you should wash it using warm water with a soft brush. Do not use abrasive materials.

2- Type of cleaner:

You must also consider when cleaning your granite countertop is to check the back and sides of the stone before you apply any cleaner. This way, you can identify the scratches on your stone and avoid applying abrasive materials that will scratch it. Once you find the scratches, you can use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe it off.

You can use a soft cloth or even a toothbrush to do the wiping. However, if you want to get rid of it completely, you can use a solution that will remove all of the stone’s stains. This solution is usually available in the hardware store. You can use this to clean the entire stone before applying the next step.

3- How to clean granite countertops?

When it comes to maintenance, you may want to note some basic tips on maintaining your granite. For example, you may wish to remove your granite countertop daily to clean the countertop. When you do this, you may want to follow these tips: use a mild and water-based cleaner, clean, avoid using acidic cleaners, and never let the stone sit on anything acidic like lemon juice or orange peels. Finally, do not rub the rock if you plan to place it in direct sunlight because it will ruin your stone’s appearance.

4- Increase the shine:

Buff it lightly. This produces the counter just a tiny bit wider and provides it a glistening shine. Even if you know how to wash countertops properly, your granite countertop will occasionally have to be adequately used. Regular wear and tear will probably wear off the sealant, leaving the countertops tedious and susceptible to stains.

Resealing granite countertops is a work best to abandon to professionals; do not DIY this one. Plan on getting your granite countertops resealed every two to three decades. Understanding how to clean a granite countertop is likely to produce the sealant and maintain the counter lovely for ages.

5- Learn about granite countertops:

Because granite is so hard, it also doesn’t absorb liquids very quickly. So, it doesn’t have to worry much about stains, either. You don’t have to worry about baking soda doing its job. Even so, granite can sometimes leave a stain over time if it is not adequately taken care of. To get rid of that staining, you need to learn how to clean granite countertops.

The first step is to use a soft bristle brush or sponge to clean your granite and try to remove as much dirt as you can. Do this daily to keep things looking great and to keep them clean. It would be best if you also gave it some time to dry out after each cleaning session. If you are using a sponge to do the job, be sure not to put it near any electrical appliances, damaging them.

Another way to learn how to clean granite countertops is by looking online for reviews. These are written by professional companies that have used these products before. It is an excellent way to get a firsthand look at how good they work and what they can.


Granite countertops can be beautiful, but they can also pose serious problems that need to be cleaned. Before you make a purchase, you should learn as much as possible about how to clean granite and get some tips on the right products to use on it.


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