The Importance of Sport and its Benefits


Importance of Sport and its Benefits : Sport is an ordinary physical effort or skill that is practiced according to agreed rules for the purpose of entertainment, enjoyment, or competition, and excellence, and strengthening self-confidence, and regardless of the goal for which sport is practiced, it provides the body with many important and beneficial things to its health, such as providing the body with physical fitness, Beautiful appearance, psychological improvement.

The importance of sport and its benefits

Regulating blood sugar

Recent studies have shown that regular exercise reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes, and one of the best sports for that is that it requires a great physical exertion, as it burns glucose, which leads to a reduction in blood sugar, and it helps to regulate insulin in the body, it is very beneficial for people with diabetes. Diabetes, especially the second type.

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Prevention of heart disease

 Exercise strengthens the heart muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and prevents accumulation in the arteries and veins, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.

Obesity prevention

Exercise contributes to burning excess calories in the body, which prevents the accumulation of fat in the body, and also protects against obesity diseases that threaten the patient’s life, such as diabetes, heart, and fatty liver.

Strengthening the immune system

 Sports help to strengthen the lymphatic system, prevent the accumulation of fat around it, keep it healthy, and can make more white blood cells, and defend the body vigorously, because the athlete becomes less exposed to seasonal diseases such as colds.

Strengthening the respiratory system

Sport protects the respiratory system from premature aging, as the lungs are among the most susceptible to aging compared to other parts of the body, so they become less able to stretch and transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Daily exercise is recommended to keep the lungs healthy.

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Memory booster

As the person gets older, the efficiency of his nervous system decreases, and the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain cells decreases, and consequently, brain cells damage and death, and leads to many diseases such as delirium and Alzheimer’s.

 Fight insomnia

Exercise helps get rid of insomnia, and sleep deeply, as it increases the secretion of the hormone serotonin, which acts as a sedative and improves mood.

Strengthening self-confidence

Exercise is an effective psychological treatment, it increases self-confidence, and removes anxiety, tension and stress that a person is exposed to as a result of difficult life conditions, in addition to breaking the daily routine, feeling happy, and pleasure when exercise in.