Requirements To Be A Surrogate Mother


If you are deciding to become a surrogate, you are going to make a life-changing decision. It is a very tough and time-taking responsibility. Before starting this journey, you need to ask yourself various questions, such as Am I ready for beginning this journey? Am I choosing the right option? How can I become a surrogate?

As surrogacy is a very complicated process, therefore, deep thinking and decision-making are necessary. After you have decided to become a surrogate, you have to fulfil several requirements.

This article contains information about the requirements to be a surrogate mother.


To become a surrogate mother, you have to fulfil the following requirements:-



  • For being a surrogate, you should be minimum 21 years and maximum of 44 years old.
  • You should be in excellent health condition. You must be healthy emotionally, physically and mentally.
  • You should have a healthy and peaceful home environment with a group of friends and family whom you can trust and rely on for support as you undergo the experience of surrogacy.
  • The criteria of BMI is different for every medical office but normally to become a surrogate you should have a between the range of 19 and 33.
  • You should have previously delivered at least one healthy baby so ou knows well the medical risks of gestation and childbirth as well as the emotional problems of attachment with the newborn baby.
  • You must not have faced any complications during delivery and pregnancy.
  • You should not be a smoker or drug-addicted. You should be a woman who has never used cigarettes and drugs.
  • You must have a conduct lifestyle.
  • You should be free of treatable STDs for a minimum of 12 months.
  • You should be able to travel for attending appointments when needed.

Ask your surrogacy agency and agencia gestacion subrogada for more information.


You have to talk to a counsellor or a social worker about your determination of becoming a surrogate mother. You will be deeply interviewed to check out your mental health and whether you can emotionally and psychologically manage the duties and responsibilities of surrogacy.

The counsellor or social worker will interrogate you about your contemporary emotions and also what would you sense during and after gestation. You have to decide why you have chosen surrogacy. You must not have previously suffered from any post-partum depression or mental illness.


All surrogacy agencies conduct background screening as well as financial screening to make sure that you can look after yourself without any financial help from the intended parents. This screening is done for the comfort of the intended parents to ensure that you can take enough care of yourself for their baby’s health.



This part of screening involves physical as well as many laboratory tests. These include screening for sexually transmitted diseases, communicable diseases and also various infections and viruses which can be harmful to your fertility. You may also have to go through ultrasound for determination of the health of your uterus.


After you have signed an agreement with the intended parents, you have to be prepared for surrogate pregnancy which requires multiple fertility treatments and other tests. You will also be recommended various medicines which will control your cycle and makes you ready for in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Legal requirements are also very important to be fulfilled if you wish to become a surrogate. For becoming a surrogate mother, you should belong to a state where surrogacy is legally permitted otherwise you will be committing an illegal act.

Before starting the medical procedures, you have to sign an agreement with the intended parents which will cover all the legal aspects of surrogacy. These include:-

  • Potential risks
  • Compensation
  • Your duties as a surrogate
  • Relinquishment of the baby, and other details.

To conclude that we can say that surrogacy is a life-changing journey. It demands patience and dedicated fulfilment of duties. If you wish to offer surrogacy services, you have to make important decisions, look into all aspects and after deciding to begin this journey, you have to accurately fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements. After that, you will be able to start your journey as a surrogate mother.