How does the Instagram Algorithm Work?


Instagram is the app of the moment. Knowing how its algorithm works is important for getting good rankings in its users’ feeds

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works allows us to optimize the positioning of our posts on the feed and the time they spend at the top of the news section. But what are the parameters that govern the algorithm? In a nutshell, it is the appeal of the posts that decree their positioning on the feeds. If a post is able to generate engagement quickly, then it will be highly visible. But not only.

There was a time in the News Feed when posts were sorted by time of publication – the most recent posts basically ran higher. History was the only parameter used. There was absolutely no consideration of the quality of the posts and their ability to generate engagement. All this until 2016.

Since March of that year, Instagram has changed the view algorithm in the News Section. Very often, in fact, it happened that users were shown content that was not in line with their interests and with the behavior shown up to that moment. The posts that interested them most might have been positioned very low. So Instagram decided to update itself, abandoning the history as the only parameter for the order of views and inserting more personal ones: which accounts were the user’s favorites, which posts had received the greatest number of likes and of comments from people closest to and with whom he had interacted the most.

So let’s see what are the parameters that govern the algorithm more: Buy real Instagram Likes UK

Levels of engagement

One of the main parameters that the Instagram algorithm uses is related to the engagement capacity of the post. Suppose we have posted an image; it will be shown to a small slice of our followers. Instagram does nothing but measure in that small sample the speed with which the photo has generated engagement in terms of comments and likes. However, to avoid the fact that a certain post has had little success – it can happen – then Instagram compares that post with others previously published at the same time of the day or on the same day of the week, guaranteeing a lower randomness of the algorithm. If our photo is successful, it could stay at the top of the feed for a long time, reaching more people.

The relationships between users

Another parameter that Instagram uses to determine which posts should be at the top of the feed is the relationship between the various users. For example, if we have a strong relationship with a certain account because we regularly comment on its posts or because we often like its images or if we have searched directly for its profile, Instagram will take care to show us its contents first. not to be missed. This also applies to companies. If we regularly follow a company with various interactions, its posts will appear first in our news section.

The timing of publication

The chronological order has not been completely abandoned. It is clear that the popularity of a post alone and the fact that it belongs to a person related to us is not enough. Otherwise it would happen to see posts from friends, from companies we follow, very famous posts all the time. Instead the feed needs to update and show fresh posts. Therefore, among the various parameters, the chronology is also taken into consideration.

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