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The Beas Kund, that can be considered a sacred lake can be found in the Kullu Valley and is the first source of River Beas. It’s thought that Rishi Vyas utilized to take his everyday bath in the pristine water of the lake that’s perched at an altitude of 3,650 meters at the lap of Mt. Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters.

Snaking and passing through the Solang valley the road to Beas Kund provides a rejuvenating experience as well as the journey is filled with different surprises at every turn. The Manali Beas Kund Trek, which is thought of one of the simplest treks from the Himachal Himalayan area is also a brief trek of 3 times in the popular hill station of Manali that’s tucked in a elevation of 2,050 meters.

Beas Kund Trek Distance

Beas kund trek distance, The Beas Kund Trek starts from Manali and contributes to Dhundi in 3,150 meters through Solang Nallah. The road faces a slow rise from Solang Nallah and it requires roughly 5 – 6 hours. The path from Dhundi winds up to Bakarthach, which will be at an altitude of 3,300 meters and contributes to Beas Kund following a slow climb within the moraine.

The course offers several breathtaking Websites that are Perfect for nature photography.

Love the solace in the Solang Nallah and the Manu Temple.

A Chance to sneak-peek in the simple yet intriguing life of the people of picturesque villages like Goshal, Sannag and Burua.

Camping beneath the open skies and amidst the panoramic landscape.

The Beas Kund trek Manali is among the most well-known treks in Manali that takes you into the root of the river Beas in an elevation of 3700 mts. And to a number of the early glaciers found around it. Mythology has it Beas Rishi meditated here and composed the epic Mahabharata. Beas kund is a magic area, which is surrounded by the summit of Hanuman Tibba, Ladakhi summit, Manali summit, Muker beh, Sheti Dhar summit and also the well-known Friendship Peak.

There are cascading waterfalls along the road and crystal-clear lake known as as Beas Kund. The path to Beas Kund begins near Solang nallah. The road to Beas kund out of Solang Nallah is roughly 15 kms long. A jeep road goes around Dhundi from Solang Nallah at which the SASE, Manali, has a research unit.

Bakar thatch is a highland meadow plus it requires a leisurely stroll of 2-3 hours to achieve. The path goes through coniferous trees into alpine pastures. The path is moderate with few climbs between. As we had begun, following two hours of slow trek, the road goes uphill for a brief space on moraines, then traverses within a glacier area to the Beas Kund. Beas kund is a calm lake with religious beliefs worried for this.

It’s a sacred place for the sailors and can be maintained clean by each traffic. Legend has it that when a person pollutes the set the weather changes radically and occasionally costs the lives of individuals. After all of the lake is sacred and polluting about it might be an act of foolishness. In Beas kund spend a while at the tranquility of pure Nature. Subsequently route back same method into the camp in Bakar Thach. Next morning trail to the road head in Dhundi.

The water flow that flows from Beas Kund finally turns out to Beas River and creates the Beas River Valley, where Manali is also situated. From its source point, the river flows for a total of 470 km before merging in the Sutlej River at Punjab.

In accordance with the local mythology, the lake was initially called Vipasa and Saraswathi prior to that. Indus River hence became the easternmost boundary of the short-lived kingdom.

Beas Kund Trek Map

beas kund trek map
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Manali Beas kund trek best time: The trek can really be tried for all 12 months but has its own set of challenges.

Beas Kund Trek

From November to April, the road stays buried beneath snow and will not be possible to navigate without a manual. For seeing here in the winter, you’ll need to prepare so, take all the essential equipment, guides, porters, and ought to have some previous snow biking experience. Occasionally it can rain nonstop for hours and will only make it incredibly tricky for you to trek. Setting up decks in most of that water also will become hard.

Thus a safer period is from May to June. The weather will be nice as well as the road will be simpler to navigate. Each of the snow will nourish the meadows, turning them creating lots of pure slopes and springs. All in all, the landscape will likely be quite pretty.

Beas Kund is regarded as a beginner trek along with the difficulty level is easy to medium. However, with that being said, it’s not by any means a stroll at the park. You’ll be climbing up the hills and might need to handle some steep ascents. You may reach an elevation of 12,770 feet at Beas Kund so the absence of oxygen will lead to breathlessness. Add to it the fact it is going to be quite cold.

Put this all together and you’ll require an adequate level of fitness to try Beas Kund. You ought to have the ability to run or run 6-8 km easily in under one hour. In case you haven’t been exercising for some time, workout and begin jogging daily for at least a month prior to the trek.

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