Nag Tibba – Best Weekend Trek

Nag Tibba implies Serpents Peak, is the most elevated top in lower Himalayas of Garhwal locale. Nag tibba is an ideal spot for outdoors during spring and summers and one of the most appropriate trek for winters, when the vast majority of the treks are shut because of substantial day off. Because of its simple access it is one of most famous end of the week treks in India.

Best Time To Visit Nag Tibba

The best an ideal opportunity to embrace the Nag Tibba Trek is in the mid year months, from April to June, and the cold weather months, from October to December. For explorers who couldn’t imagine anything better than to encounter snow fall or snow trekking, which is in Chopta, the greatest months to head out to Nag Tibba would be January to March.

In Summers : Summer in Nag Tibba is wonderful and salubrious. The Himalayas can be seen from the distance. It is insightful to convey light woolens with you in the event that the night become colder.

In Monsoons : The lavish greenery of Nag Tibba is powerful in the rainstorm. There is no preferable experience over tasting on some tea while looking at the snow-covered pinnacles of Nag Tibba while raindrops dance surrounding you. There could be avalanches that bring about hindered streets for quite a long time, yet at the same time the beautiful excellence of Nag Tibba merits all the difficulty. Make sure to convey waterproof shells, obviously!

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In Winters : If you are searching for peacefulness and serene isolation, you can’t turn out badly with the Nag Tibba trek in winters. Winters in Nag Tibba have frosty temperatures so make sure to convey substantial woolens.

How To Reach Nag Tibba?

Nag Tibba is a 10 km trek from the headquarters in Pantwari, situated a good ways off of 60 km from Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is situated a good ways off of 33 km from the railroad head.

Closest Airport : Dehradun’s Jolly Grant is the closest air terminal. Mussoorie is situated a ways off of 60 km from the railroad head.

Delhi to Mussoorie : Mussoorie is situated a good ways off of 285 km from Delhi. Transports and taxis handle between the two urban communities.

Why Visit Nag Tibba Trek?

Nagtibba is situated at a height of 3025 mts and draws in great many sightseers consistently. Nagtibba offers magnificent grand magnificence and a decent trek for experience darlings. From Nag Tibba one can see the away from of shocking Bandarpoonch top, the Gangotri gathering of pinnacles, Kedarnath top in the north, Doon valley and the snow pinnacles of Chanabang.

End of the week Trek : It is an Ideal weekend trek from Delhi and Dehradun. It is a trekking objective which should be possible in 2-3 days beginning from Delhi.

Simple and Short Trek : It is one of the most effortless trek and best appropriate for fledglings.

Complete Trek : Offers wilderness trail, Himalayan perspectives, Meadows, cascades, snow during winter

Wellbeing : One of the most secure trek, as being near Mussoorie and Dehradun, without any streams for floods or doesn’t have any set of experiences of avalanches.

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Nag Tibba Trekking Routes

There are 3 trekking courses which are utilized to arrive at the culmination of Nag Tibba. The subtleties of trek course is given underneath.

Trek Route 1

The trek to Nag Tibba begins from Devalsari (13 kms) where one can remain Foresh Guest House by taking authorization from the Mussoorie Forest Office. You can trek further for 3 kms to Nag tibba top which offers a stunning perspective on the Himalayas. The course experiences the thick deodar timberland and scopes to the distant spot with basically no residence.

Trek Route 2

This is the most utilized course for trekkers to arrive at Nag Tibba headquarters and highest point. Pantwari town is 50 Kms by street from Mussoorie and 85 Kms from Dehradun. It is one the briefest course to arrive at Nag Tibba (only 8 Kms) from Panthwari town. Despite the fact that the course is minimal convoluted and requires a guide.

Trek highway 3

The motorable course by means of Thatyur goes as far as possible up close to harness way approach Aunter. From here you approach the edge top to Aunter, from here the course is very honest with not many inclines.


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