How to Troubleshoot: Numerous Issues Of Android T95 Smart TV Box


Nowadays everyone wants to watch favorite shows, stream videos, and listen to songs on their smart TV. But for this, you need a device that can connect to your TV and give you all the facilities. If you wish to install such a device in your home for the smart TV then you can install the Android T95 smart TV box. Because it comes with the newest android 10.0 technology that provides the 4K videos. The Neural Network 1.2 & ART Optimization in this TV box is completely helpful. Your applications begin very quickly & utilize very little memory simultaneously. The T95 TV box entirely supports many apps such as Hulu, Youtube, Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, & more.

The T95 10.0 TV box is equipped with 4GB RAM & 64 ROM. It is widely compatible with the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz wireless networks. This device comes along with a power adapter, HDMI cable, & remote control. With the remote, you can easily control the TV in just minutes. The setup of this device is not complex, you can just install the Aptoide in the Apple App Store. After that, quickly perform the setup in just a minute.

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Numerous issues about Android T95 Smart TV Box

The Android T95 Smart TV Box is the perfect device for the smart TV. With this help, you can easily stream the 4K videos with different streaming apps on your smart TV. But many times while using this device, many issues come due to which we do not know how to use this device. There are t95 android box problems that happen with the TV box, which are as follows.

  • Not connecting to the WiFi network
  • Netflix not working
  • TV box not working
  • T95 does not connect to the smart TV
  • Not turning ON
  • LEDs light continuously flashing

Troubleshoot strategies about Android T95 Smart TV Box

If the smart TV box is not working then you need to verify the issue. Because there are many issues that you can solve manually. If you really solve the numerous issues regarding this TV box then you need to follow some strategies.

Verify the internet connection

If the TV box is not working then you need to verify the internet connection. If the TV box is not connected to the WiFi network connectivity then you can’t stream the HD videos. To fix these issues, you can connect the T95 TV box to the WiFi network connectivity. Now the question comes how to connect the TV box to the WiFi network. Then, with the mobile app, you can easily connect this device to the network. You can install the app and properly add the TV box to this app. Then, go to the network setting and enter the password in their field. After that, click the connect option. Now the smart TV properly connects to the network.

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Verify the power adapter & power source

Many times the issue comes that there is a smart TV box that does not turn on. Then the issue is faulty power adapter & power source. Many times the power adapter that you are using is damaged, as the wire which is there, there is a break in the middle. If the wire is broken, it will not power your TV box so that your device will not turn on. If you really wish to resolve this issue then you accurately verify the power adapter, if it is faulty then you instantly replace it. Additionally, many times the power source in which you have plugged your TV box is also useless i.e. does not receive power. If it does not receive the power then your device also does not receive the power and then it is not turning ON. to fix the issue you can verify the power source.

Again install the Netflix app to fix Netflix issues

Sometimes the issue comes that Netflix is not working on your smart TV with the help of a TV box. To fix these issues, you can uninstall the Netflix app on your smart TV and then again install the Netflix app. Even after this, the Netflix app is not working, so you have to verify the internet connection. If the stable internet connectivity does not connect to this smart TV box, then Netflix is not working. To fix this issue, you can connect the TV box to a stable & reliable network.

Verify the sound setting

If the sound is not input with the T95 TV box then you need to verify the sound setting. If you wish to visit in the setting, then you need to open the app on your mobile phone device. If the app is not installed on your mobile phone then you need to install it. This app is easily available in Google or Apple App Store. Then, open the app and add your TV box to this app. After that, go to the setting and verify the sound setting. If this setting is diable then you have to enable this setting. Now the sound issue is accurately solved. Moreover, you can also perform the t95 android box setup through this app.

Clean the TV box remote & install the battery

If the T95 TV box remote is not working then you can use the dry cloth and entirely clean the remote. Because many times the dust particles are there on the remote then it is not working. Many times the button is jammed due to dust particles. You make sure the battery of the remote. If the battery power is dead then the remote is not functioning. To fix the issue, you need to install the battery.