How to Reduce PDF File Size

How to Reduce PDF File Size: PDF files are files that save text and images, like many programs, but the difference between them and other files is that it is not possible to make copies of the texts, images, and videos inside, as is the case in Office programs.

The acronym for PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which is a portable mini-document that maintains the same format and font size when used on any other computer.

Companies use this format frequently due to the possibility of protecting these files with a password that prevents tampering with them and their contents, especially if they contain company accounts, and this type of file maintains the same format within all its pages, so it is important for companies and institutions, especially if they intend to print small brochures About this company, and PDF files are the most used in book printing, where books are written and formatted on an Office program and then converted using Acrobat programs to a PDF file.

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How to Reduce the Size of PDF Files: 4 Ways Reduce

The size of PDF files is often large, which makes it difficult to send it to others, or upload it to a site specialized in this field, so a person resorts to ways to reduce the size of this file, so that it is easier to send and receive between people with ease, and to reduce the size of PDF files There are a number of solutions that we will present here, as follows:

PDF Compressor

Reduce PDF File with PDF compressor, It is one of the most famous programs ever, and it can be used on all computers running Windows, but the defect of this program is that it reduces the quality of the images inside the file, and the program allows the program to reduce more than one PDF file at the same time, and this is what gave it such wide fame.

Use of Websites

Reduce PDF File online, There are a number of websites that allow a person to reduce the size of PDF files, through a simple and easy way, which is that the site requests to upload the file to be reduced in size, and then it completes the required process, among the most famous of these sites:

  • Small pdf.
  • pdf compress.

Adobe Acrobat

This program that owns this format of files can also reduce pdf file size, after opening the file in PDF format, go to the document menu, then choose Save as, then reduce size pdf, and in Arabic go to the file menu, then choose Save name, then reduce or reduce the file size, and so the program will reduce itself.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Enhancer

It is also affiliated with the company that saves this type of file, where the PDF file to be reduced in size is opened, then go to the Advanced menu and choose PDF Optimizer, but this method may significantly affect the quality of the data included in the file, so you must pay attention before proceeding on the move.


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