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How to perform SEO Audit process to boost google rankings

To reach the best rankings in a search engine you need to understand the working of that search engine. Coming directly to the point search engines have their algorithm which makes them realize which content is more valuable to their audience. The search engine is just like a dating application. They are doing match-making for their audience. The audience put their requirement on what type of data they are looking for and the search engine provides them relevant results. No 1 ranking result is the one which has got most super like. That is why people try to go for SEO company in India.

Let’s get back to the search engine and we have to understand the process of a search engine through which they provide the results.:

  1. Crawling is done through web pages to understand their content. This crawling is done with the help of programs. These programs are generally termed spiders, crawlers, or bots. They keep on jumping from one page to another 24×7.
  2. Indexing of the relevant web pages is done on keywords provided by bots. All the data stored by bots are indexed. It is not compulsory to index every content surfed by bots. Content that has been repeated multiple times is not indexed by the bot.
  3. So, not the most important part of how ranking takes place in search engines. Whenever you write a keyword in a search bar and Click on the search button search engine starts comparing those keywords phrases and looks for matching content that falls out on the most relevant side of the keyword.

Meanwhile, there are multiple tools out there claiming that they are providing the best possible services out in the market for the SEO audit. This leads to multiple problems for users because this SEO audits-based software reached directly to the people who have been looking forward to finding the best possible solution available in the market for the sake of the betterment of the ranking of these websites for SEO company in India. Following measures are supposed to be taken to perform an SEO audit on your website.

Installation of google search console and google analytics.

It is important to integrate the google search console and google analytics to get better results of the SEO audit of your website. It is completely free of cost. All you want to do is make an account on google search console by an SEO company in India that’s it. All the other information’s like how many visitors have been using your website. What is the total number of users which you are getting as traffic on your website? From where these users belong and what is the bounce rate. All of these questions will be answered by the google search console for free.

Advantages of connecting your website to google search console.

To connect the google search console to your website, it is important to understand that there are numerous advantages of getting enrolled as a user. Some of the major advantages can be stated as:

  1. Easy to run paid campaigns on major search engines like google.
  2. A complete definition of the traffic of the user on the website is provided.
  3. Origin of the user who is using your website is provided.
  4. A list of keywords, which are connected to your website is provided.
  5. The bounce rate of the user is provided.
  6. The average period a person stays on your website is provided.

These are some out of the million ways google search console helps in providing results for the SEO audit of your website.

Creating backlinks to your website.

Creating backlinks for the website can result in a major improvement of the entire website SEO from top to bottom. Backlinks are supposed to be internal links passing link equity within the pages of your website. These pages are responsible for creating links through which users can get direct visitors to their website easily. Backlinks are supposed to be the links of your website involved in some technical or informational blogs of your services. These blogs are provided to other websites for the showcase of your services by SEO company in India.

Because of these backlinks’ users are redirected to your services. These websites where your backlinks are deposited are already having a strong userbase that provides access to the traffic and eventually leads the meaningful traffic to your website. This generates a huge amount of traffic and is good for the health of the website’s SEO audit report as well.


In the end, we can come to a point where we can see that there is a very huge market for providing SEO audit reports, but unfortunately, people are not doing it right. If your tools are providing you just the information of website then we suggest you go for google search console. If you want to go for a website that will suggest what to do after the SEO audit report then go for other websites.

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