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How healthy lifestyle is connected with increased chances of fertility

Healthy lifestyle has a lot of impact on our body. For men and women, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle because being underweight can literally bring so many problems in adult life. If you are trying to conceive for so long and have failed many times, then it is better to go and get checked. 

To walk on a parenthood road you must accept the good habits and have to ditch the bad ones. It is never too late to add good things in your life. This advice is for all the people. For those who are going to get married, or are already married, or have not even thought about marriage till now. But in future if you have thought about it, then you have started working from now one to have a little carbon copy of you. Otherwise if it’s too late then you have no other option rather than to visit the fertility specialist manchester.

Connection between a healthy lifestyle and fertility

  1. Have A Healthy Diet

Every healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. It should have all the nutrition which is required to have a healthy body. Remember that you have to add fruits and vegetables to your diet. This is the most important part of starting a healthy diet. After that comes the lean proteins and whole grains. You can also add nuts, salad, beans, milk to diet as well.

The main thing which you have to keep in mind is that you need to shed the weight if you are overweight, and gain weight if you are underweight. Talk to your gynecologists for more information. Always talk to your doctor before going for any suggestions.

  • Weight Control Techniques

Being overweight and underweight is the main cause of hormonal imbalance. If you are suffering from any of these then you have to start working on this. When the weight fluctuates then it affects the hormones of your body. Hormones will either increase or decrease, both states are not good for starting a family.

You and your partner both need to have a balanced weight, because fertility problems don’t happen to any specific gender. Women should maintain their body weight according to the Body Mass Index (BMI). According to BMI, women who have Caucasian of below 18.5 is underweight, who are between 18.5 – 24.9 is normal, and are between 25 – 29.9 is over weight and above 30 is considered as obese.

  • Exercise To Shape Up

There are so many benefits of exercise and one of them is staying fit. Exercise can give stability to you in both mental and physical ways. Also make sure that you don’t have to do too much exercise as it can reduce the production of the hormone called progesterone and inhibit ovulation.

Exercising regularly boosts your immune system and metabolism. If your body and mind both are equally fresh then it can surely give you positive results. If you are not fond of exercising you can try out yoga and meditation to keep your body and mind relaxed. It is scientifically proven that obese women have higher rate of miscarriage.

  • Reduce The Intake Of Smoking And Drinking

It is already a proven fact that those who drink and smoke have higher risk of having fertility problems. In fact, these bad habits have also proven to inherit disability in newborn children. This means drinking and smoking can cause difficulty in conceiving as it decreases fertility.

In men’s cases smoking increases the sperm DNA fragmentation and decreases the sperm count which causes the miscarriage. If you are going through IVF then you have to make sure to avoid all these habits, otherwise it will not give any successful results. 

Coming to women’s smoking habits, it can seriously affect their ovulation process. Other problems like, depletes your oocytes prematurely, ages your ovaries, early menopause, future health of the unborn child and can affect the early development of the embryo.

Serious health can also arise like, it can harm cervix and fallopian tubes and increases the risk of cervical cancer.  If women are going through IVF then there are less chances that the treatment would be successful, because it creates higher risk of miscarriage.

  • Stay Away From Caffeine

Caffeine has a special feature called adding stress. People think that caffeine is the best to remove stress. But it is the exact opposite. While it is not proved yet, it might increase the risk of fertility problems. According to a survey women who consume over 500mg of caffeine per day have experienced more time period to conceive as compared to the women who consumed less.

For the coffee lovers it is always advised to take an amount of caffeine from 40mg- 175mg in a cup of coffee.  But the Best Gynecologist in Manchester always advises to avoid the coffee to the couples who are trying to get pregnant.

  • Say No To Stress

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, and you have stress and anxiety issues then you should start to take precautions and medications. Medication doesn’t mean to start having medicines. It means to start doing yoga and meditation.

After getting pregnant, feelings of stress, anxiety and depression take control due to hormones. So it is a must to join the stress management classes, which will boost your will power, help in mental growth, anger issues, overthinking, depression.

Make sure to do extra-curricular activities like going for walks, reading good books, going for long drives, watching movies, drawing, singing, or even hanging out with friends and families. Just relax and enjoy this ride. Stay happy, laugh more, say goodbyes to all the fear and sadness.

  • Discuss Medications With Your Doctor

The important thing here is to talk to your doctor about any medications which can help you in regaining the healthy lifestyle. Talk to your Gynecologist Manchester, about all the medicines and lifestyle to be undertaken.

With the best advice you can have a healthy and successful pregnancy. Don’t go for your own advice and medicines. You need proper guidance and diet before having the medicines. So, take extra precautions as pregnancy is a very serious matter.

Get Ready To Be Pregnant!

All the lifestyle tricks which have been discussed are good for everyone. You have to keep in mind that small things can make a big difference in life. It takes small steps to achieve big things. Take one by one step at a time. Start slowly but steadily. These healthy lifestyles can surely be beneficial for you and your future baby. Don’t think about yourself right now, think about the health of your children.

Sometimes just focusing on these lifestyles will give you positive changes. But if you have been trying to conceive for about 6 months and over then you should clearly now consider a gynecologist. If you have tried everything, still no results are coming then you truly need help.

Hope this healthy lifestyle could benefit those people who haven’t even thought about getting pregnant. As it was mentioned earlier, these life changing techniques are not only for pregnant ladies or those who are going through fertility problems, but for all those people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. These ideas are the stepping stone to every physical and mental problem.



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