DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Revamp Your Kitchen


A complete renovation of the kitchen is something that is costly, takes up a lot of time and energy, and is generally just a huge hassle and undertaking. If you happen to be a renter of a home, then it is most definitely not worth it for you. Lucky for you then that we happen to live in the age of Pinterest. On Pinterest, there is literally no lack of ideas with which you can do easy and affordable projects that are DIY. So, what is one of the best ways of coming up with a change? Well, upgrading the look and feel of the backsplash of your kitchen can go a long way. In the following few passages, we will take a look at some of the easier Pinterest DIY ideas for kitchen backsplashes that are sure to brighten up your kitchen.

Stick On Vinyl Backsplash

One method of changing up the look of your kitchen backsplash that is very popular is the application of adhesive vinyl in patterns that are decorative. If, for example, you have a backsplash that is square tiled, you can use that as a base. Then you can, for example, apply black vinyl that is durable in triangular shapes in a pattern that is a pinwheel. The formerly very boring white tile you have can look like a mosaic of white and black tiles. The best part about this type of DIY project is that there is no major type of construction involved at all. Vinyl may also be the way to go if you are the type of person who is a bit indecisive. If you are of this variety, then you can easily use vinyl as then you will not have to commit to the design for a long time. One of its most alluring features is that it can be peeled off without there being any residue. This type of project also does not require too much time. The results that we are talking about can be achieved in a day.

Something that can be an even easier DIY kitchen backsplash idea may be to cut sheets of vinyl, which are patterned, based on the specific size of your backsplash. In this way, you can cover the area of the backsplash just like wallpaper. The vinyl that we are talking about can be wiped very easily. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for places where there are likely to be spills and splatters.  

Paint the Backsplash That You Have

One of our most preferred and simplest methods of adding instant color and brightness to a backsplash is to simply paint over it. The idea is to paint over the tile that is already there and/or the drywall. The whole process can be ridiculously simple. For example, if you tiles that are just dull brown, then you can paint them a bright, fun color. This will immediately add a lot of color and life to your space.

DIY Kitchen

There are other popular pins on Pinterest that involve painting techniques that are a bit more complex. Some of these methods include stenciling to achieve the look of particular tile patterns. 

Get a BedBoard Backsplash

Beadboard is really cheap and also a very accessible material which can really really provide your kitchen with a clean and also bright white color. This type of white color and lines are fantastic for making small kitchens appear larger than they are. This is because this type of backsplash has the ability to really create an illusion that space is much bigger than it actually is. These types of headboards are really easy to install as well. You can just get one large sheet and then proceed to cut it in order to fit the space that you have designated for it. When doing this type of DIY project, you will also find that you do have to remove any of the existing backsplashes. This is a huge advantage as it drastically minimizes the time, effort, and energy required.

Make use of Peel-and-Stick tiles

It is true, tiles happen to be a classic material when it comes to backsplashes. The fact of the matter, however, is that you do not even really need to go through too much trouble in order to achieve the aesthetics. There are now available peel-and-stick tiles which are basically faux. They really do get rid of the messy and also time-consuming work needed for installation and grouting. They also drastically reduce the price of the project as well. These faux tiles also perform pretty well, considering that they are, well, faux tiles.

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