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What is the Difference between PPC and CPC

Therms PPC And CPC are very popular in the world of digital marketing. They are one of the best methods to advertise products and earn money. These are hard to understand for newcomers but are comfortable and sustainable for insiders. Not many people are familiar with these terms and metrics. PPC stands for “Pay-per-click,” and CPC stands for “cost per click.” These two are very different in meaning and need a long explanation to learn deeply.

Let’s start with PPC:

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-per-click is one of the most critical marketing strategies. When used correctly can increase your volume of leads and reach. This helps you increase your brand’s reach and campaign your brand on larger platforms and domains. This can be viewed by a diverse amount of population all across the globe. The primary mechanism that it works on is: PPC ads allow your campaign to appear on a more extensive and broader level by advertising them on search engines’ results pages in accordance with the keywords and phrases that you potentially want your consumers to search your page for.

In this, you only have to pay for the ad when a user visits your link; hence it is named Pay-per-click and is shown to the most relevant audience. One must be very aware of the keywords and phrases they are working on to ensure they can attract the targeted audience towards their page and help them navigate your page.

PPC ads directly come under when your keyword is searched. It will be classified under the tag Ad, which is highly ranked and results from a well-run PPC campaign. Once you are determined with your keywords or phrases or details, Google will help you find and explore the best ways to showcase your brand and will allow you the ability to create and monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure things are running smoothly.

In this, the impressions are all that matters, regardless of whether it is seen. Platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads will allow advertisers to bid on phrases relevant to their campaigns and customer point of view, and the winner’s ads appear in or alongside search results. Website owners can directly advertise and can ask for a fixed charge rather than by bidding.

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What is CPC? or What is CPC marketing?

CPC or Cost-per-click helps you when your campaign is already in running mode. It is a convenient system that can help you calculate the overall cost for a PPC ad.

It works on a formula (What is CPC formula?):

CPC = (Total Money Spent) ÷ (Total Measured Clicks).

As and when you get more reach, the amount you pay per click will also decrease because they are inversely proportional and is undoubtedly a sign of good campaign and branding. This depends on how many people are working on a particular keyword or how much competition exists for the keyword, and fluctuations in search volume. It helps you know how much you pay for one click. It can also be defined as performance metrics. E-commerce website development is a very essential part.

PPC and CPC parting difference: 

PPC is away, while CPC is a metric of performance.PPC is the marketing approach that will help you find the best keywords and work on them accordingly to advertise your campaign.CPC is nothing but the cost you pay for a particular ad and the statics to show how much your movement is growing.

A single advertiser can run one or many campaigns at a given time, depending on the business’s scale and needs. Both of them help you boost your business and provide the best way to flourish and take it to another pursuit.PPC and CPC work hand in hand to provide the best services with the emerging platforms and forums.It provides a boost to E-commerce development .

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How much does it cost?

The cost of advertisements depends upon your business. A local business with small outputs can work on small expenses depending upon the needs and utilities. It may vary from 400$ to 500$ per month. But for large companies, the budget will be as big as the reach and would surely help you give outcomes. By PPC and CPC, you can easily find out the amount you will need to spend on your project and how it will be useful. You can then ensure your advertising costs and necessary returns for PPC ads to be profitable.


PPC and CPC will help you advertise in the best ways and will ensure extraordinary outcomes. Because in this growing world of technology, the necessity of Social Media Advertisements is at its peak. One must be aware of what kind of advertisements will suit the business and hire experts to show the right paths.

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