AnkerWorks Launches AI Powered Web Cam PowerConf C300


Anker sub-brand, AnkerWorks, has announced the launch of Powerconf C300, expanding its product portfolio. It is a powerful webcam that is equipped with artificial intelligence and is a fast and flicker free webcam. It comes with a simple clip, plug and play operation along with which, 18 months warranty comes.

If we talk about its price, then customers can buy it for Rs 9,999. Anker Powerconf C300 With the PowerConf C300’s Full HD 1080p/60fps camera, users get an immersive video experience. It integrates directly with every conferencing platform and perfects every professional image as a professional. Being AI-powered – the webcam supports AI framing, AI color adjustment and AI exposure.

Whether the user is alone, in a group, or on the go, it is AI framing technology that fits everyone in one frame. The technology automatically adjusts the field of view based on the number of people in the meeting. With AI Color Adjustment – Provides excellent lighting even in low light or dark conditions. Webcam C300 with Auto White Balancing ensures perfect illumination even in inconsistent conditions. The colours, skintone and contrast are well adjusted and the person sitting in front can see the video in excellent quality.

Webcam PowerConf C300 comes with two ultra-sensitive microphones. With active noise cancellation, the two microphones work together so that the caller is not distracted by background noise. The PowerConf C300 can be placed anywhere in use. Download the Anchor Work app with 4 meeting modes to choose from and customized with settings that every unique need can use.

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