8 Tips to Boost Smartphone Performance Easily

Boost Smartphone

An Android device is like a computer and stores a lot of data files like Video, Audio, PDF, MP3, Documents, contacts, etc. As apps and data increase, their performance also gets affected and the battery starts running out fast. To take care of your device, lots of times it is required to reboot or remove useless apps and files. Below We are sharing some best tips to Boost Smartphone Performance quickly.

Tips to Boost Smartphone Performance Quickly at home

 Boost Smartphone

Always Up to Date Phone

Your smartphone should keep installing all the updates it receives. In this way, the performance of the updated device is better on the latest OS, due to the updated security patches, better data protection is also available.

Pre Installed Apps Disable

Many apps are pre-installed on your smartphone. Many of these are not required, but they use RAM and CPU and keep running in the device. Disable them by going to settings and if this is not possible then do not give access to mobile data to these apps.

Root Old Phone

If the smartphone has become outdated then it can get better performance by routing it. You can also delete pre-installed apps after rooting the device. However, some apps do not work after rooting the device and functions are affected.

Use of in-built File Manager Apps

Many users have a lot of third-party apps and file managers take help to manage data and files in the phone. It is better that you use the pre-installed default file manager on the device. This does not unnecessarily force the device.

Keep Empty Storage Space

Try to keep the internal storage space of your smartphone free. Do not let your phone always have more than 90 percent storage. This also affects the function of the device. If there is an option, you can also insert a microSD card into the phone.

Use Battery Saver Function

Battery saver is given in most smartphones. If this option is given in the battery settings on your phone, then turn it on. Many devices offer the option to do this after saving less battery, enabling battery saver immediately.

Set Default Apps

Go to the settings of your smartphone and set the default apps. For example, when you click on a link or a photo, you get the option to choose one of the two apps, here you can make any one app permanent default. This improves performance.

Take Care of Phone Security

The presence of any malware or adware in your smartphone means its performance is affected and personal data is also damaged. Install apps only from the play store and don’t forget to click on unknown links. Always install official updates on your device. ans also do Remove Junk File and Clear Cache.


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