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6 Best Hair Care Tips for Long and Thick Hair

We are going to tell you something about hair care tips, as you know that every woman and man loves their hair as much as women or girls are often under a lot of stress about their hair problems and All the boys are a little worried about the baldness of their hair,

Today we are going to tell you about how to get rid of all these problems, as you know, nowadays the problem of hair has become so much that people’s hair has started falling very quickly and it started turning white and breaking. Huh

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So that they do not know how many types of products they apply to fix their hair and how much they spend their money to fix the hair.

Today we will tell you 6 best home remedies by which you can keep your hair right at home

  1. Never use too much shampoo because shampoo contains a lot of chemical which reaches the roots of our hair and damages it so that our hair roots become weak and hair fall starts. It happens.
  1. Do not use daily shampoo, use only once or twice a week.
  2. Whenever your hair is wet, never sleep with wet hair, first of all dry your hair well after bath, then sleep only, if we sleep on wet hair then our hair will get spoiled so that our The damage to the hair will be very less.

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  1. To make the hair healthy and beautiful, also use oil on them so that it reaches the roots of the hair and the hair remains strong from the roots and remains thick and black.
  2. Always do not touch your hair with your hands during the day, so that your hair becomes oily which damages them.
  3. Do not comb your hair more and more during the day.
  4. Use conditioner but do not reach the roots because when it reaches the roots, it makes them weak
  5. Keep cutting hair from time to time so that your hair does not grow too big and they keep getting such nutrients.


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