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5 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value with a Gym

Have you ever thought about building a personal gym in your home, but wondered how it might affect your home’s value? The good news is that home gyms generally increase a home’s value; however, in order to maximize your return on investment, you may need to take certain steps when putting together your gym space. Before you start shopping for weight machines and looking for home gym free shipping, make sure you review these essential tips.

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1. Invest a Chunk of Change in Transforming a Dedicated Space

In order to get a good return, you may need to make a significant investment into your space. You can look into home fitness equipment financing if you need to in order to make your gym room a uniquely dedicated space outfitted with all the basics.

2. Market the Room as a Specialized Home Gym in Real Estate Listings

If you plan to list your home, emphasize the home gym in your postings on real estate websites. Having a specialized room is a great way to boost home value. You should:

  • Make sure the room is fully finished before posting photos
  • Advertise it as a specialized, dedicated gym space
  • Work on adding extras to the room that make it look and feel truly luxurious

3. Make the Most of a Bonus Room, Rather Than a Bedroom

The exact placement of your home gym can be a tricky question – is it better to place your gym, for instance, in the basement or in a spare bedroom? While every home is different, the short answer is that if you have a basement or a bonus room, it may be better to use that space for a home gym than a bedroom. This is because homebuyers tend to prefer numerous functional bedrooms, and you don’t want your gym to use up valuable bedroom space.

4. Incorporate Attractive Pieces of Workout Equipment Into the Gym

A great home gym is all about having the essential equipment you need for a thorough workout right at home. If you’re planning to show off your home to potential buyers, make sure to incorporate some commonly used and therefore highly attractive pieces of workout equipment into the gym, such as:

  • Floor yoga mats
  • A dumbbell rack
  • Cardio equipment, such as treadmills and/or ellipticals
  • Weight training machines
  • A television or sound system
  • A pull-up bar
  • A bench

5. Don’t Forget About Traffic Flow and Good Interior Design

Lastly, although great equipment and a specialized space are important aspects in having a high-value home gym, don’t forget that certain key aspects of the room’s interior design can affect both its functionality and value. For instance, consider traffic flow when you’re deciding where to place equipment – will certain arrangements allow for easier use of the machinery and better movement throughout the room? You may also want to consider adding in motivational posters and other gym-specific décor to help create the right ambiance in the room.

Building a home gym is a significant investment that could boost your home’s value. If you’re constructing a personal gym, make sure to follow these five key tips!


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